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Luck Ending Explained (In Detail)

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 07:45 AM

Here’s a breakdown of Luck’s ending, including what the movie really means and how the story of its characters reflects the film's message.

style="text-align: center;">WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Luck.

Between lucky coins and talking dragons, the Luck ending invites the audience to reflect on what it really means to be lucky. Skydance Animation and Apple TV+ have teamed up for the first time in Luck, a 3D animated movie about the magic nature of good and bad luck. Luck is yet another step by Apple TV+ into creating original content for streaming, and it places the audience on a fun journey throughout a magical world.

While Luck starts as an ordinary story about Sam (Eva Noblezada) trying to find her place in the world, the story quickly flips after the character encounters Bob (Simon Pegg) and his lucky coin. Bob serves as Sam’s and the audience's guide through the rules of the magic world of Good and Bad luck. Initially, Sam’s mission is pretty simple – retrieve the lucky coin or find a new one, but, like any good adventure, things get complicated.


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Similar to movies like Inside Out and Mosters Inc, Luck teaches a lesson to its main character and to those who are watching the film. When faced with an incredible power that can define who gets lucky or not, Sam, who sees herself as unlucky, believes she has found the answer to all of her problems. However, the Luck ending proves to Sam that things are not that simple and that it takes more than a lucky coin or a magic facture to define what life will be. Here’s a breakdown of the Luck movie ending, including what the film really means and how the story of Luck's main characters reflects the movie's message.

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Why Bob Didn’t Tell Sam He Had Another Lucky Coin

Through Luck’s 97-minute runtime, most of the movie centeres around Sam and Bob’s mission of finding at least one lucky coin so that she could help Hazel and Bob could continue to travel in and out of the human world. That is why Luck’s biggest twist was the reveal that Bob had another lucky coin hidden in his collar the whole time. Bob knew he had another coin, and yet he never revealed it to Sam. The reason is that Bob needed to keep a lucky coin always with him in secret so he could continue to pass as a Good Luck cat. Turns out Bob never belonged to the Land of Luck (similar to Eleanor's story in The Good Place) – he was actually a Bad Luck cat all along. As long as Bob kept that hidden lucky coin in his collar, neither Babe (Jane Fonda) nor The Captain (Whoopi Goldberg) would be able to detect he did not belong there. Bob had already lived eight lives in the Land of Bad Luck, and now he was willing to lie to everyone else in order to live among the Good Luck creatures.

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Why Babe The Dragon Forged Two Good Luck Crystals (Was She The Villain?)

Babe, the dragon CEO of Good Luck, was responsible for keeping the Land of Good Luck functional. She had the ability to smell any portion of bad luck, and she was willing to do anything to keep bad luck away from her side of the luck facture. However, as the Apple TV+ original reveals during Babe’s conversation with Sam early in the movie, the dragon dreamt of a world in which there would be no bad luck at all. That is why once Babe had the opportunity of forging the new luck crystals, she made two Good Luck crystals rather than just one. The correct thing for Babe to do was to use both a Good Luck and a Bad Luck crystal to keep the balance of the world, but she was willing to take the risk in order to eliminate all of the bad luck. That would have not worked, as Luck deals with the idea that good luck and bad luck are equally important. Jane Fonda's character was not exactly Luck’s villain, but she did have to be talked out of her plan. Fortunately, Sam and Bob managed to convince the dragon she was wrong.

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Why Bob Didn’t Return To The Land of Luck

In the Luck movie ending, after proving his value and helping save the entire world, Bob was given the chance of returning to the Land of Luck – this time with no fakeouts. Even The Captain, who always made sure to point out that she did not like Bob, extended her invitation for the cat to join the Land of Luck. However, after his journey with Sam, Bob now wanted to live in the human world. The Bad Luck cat had learned to accept affection and what it meant to have a forever family. Simon Pegg's character also learned during Luck that the best friends and family are the ones who stick out as Sam always mentioned, and thus he did not want to abandon his new friend.

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Did Sam Bring A Lucky Coin Back To Human World?

No, Sam did not bring a lucky coin with her back to the human world. Perhaps the most important lesson Sam learned throughout the movie was that there was really nothing or no one to blame for her "bad luck", let alone herself. There were no shortcuts to making good things happen, and Sam started to see that all of her actions, no matter how chaotic, led her where she needed to be. As such, after reestablishing the balance between good luck and bad luck at the end of the Apple TV+ movie, Sam realized she did not need to bring a lucky coin in order for Hazel to find a family – Hazel already had Sam. Still, even without the lucky coin, Hazel found a family, one that never abandoned her. Therefore, neither Sam nor Hazel ever needed a magic coin to be happy, and life would eventually reward them both.

What Luck Really Was About

More than a fun adventure in the search of a magic coin, Luck was about evaluating what really makes someone lucky. Initially, the movie showcases Sam’s chaotic and full of ups and downs life, which the character perceived as a synonym for bad luck. However, what Sam was failing to realize is that she was slowly paving the way for the life she wanted. Sam had a new home, a job she liked, and most importantly, she was always ready to help those who needed it. Similar to Encanto, amidst all of the magical adventure to restore the balance between good and back luck, Luck was about being grateful for every little thing in life.

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What Luck’s Ending Really Means

Luck’s ending does not see Sam’s life getting perfect. In fact, Luck’s message is that there is no such thing as a perfect, fortunate life only. As Sam, and all of the Luck characters learned, good and bad luck were both needed to keep the world balanced. In Luck’s ending, Sam learns to accept that, and thus she no longer needed any lucky coin. She continued helping Hazel, which had been the point of Sam’s entire mission during Luck, but with her good acts alone. Bob's ending in Luck also pays off the character's entire story, as he finds in his new forever family the luck he has been searching for so long.

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