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Luck Cast & Character Guide: What The Voice Actors Look Like

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 22:14 PM

Apple TV+'s Luck has a cast of renowned talents and brilliant newcomers. Here's who they are, who they play, and where else you've seen them.

Apple TV+'s Luck has a cast of renowned actors and talented newcomers – here are the characters they play and where you can recognize them from. Co-written by Kiel Murray, Jonathan Aibel, and Glenn Berger, Luck is a fantasy comedy directed by Peggy Holmes. The animated movie was produced by Apple and Skydance, and it debuted on Apple TV+ on August 5.

Luck follows Sam, a decidedly unlucky girl who one day finds a lucky penny, which changes her life for the better. When the magical black cat looking out for her realizes that Sam lost the penny he provided, he leaves, but Sam follows him to the Land of Luck. Once there, adventure ensues for Sam and Bob, Sam's cat sidekick, as they have to protect the world against bad luck, after Sam's bad luck threatens to corrupt the Land of Luck.


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Coming from the Kung Fu Panda franchise and Cars writers, Luck received lukewarm reviews by critics, but it seems to be widely appreciated by audiences, according to its Rotten Tomatoes scores. What they both agreed on is the quality of the film's voice acting, performed by the film's talented cast. Here's the cast of Luck, the characters they play, and where they can be recognized from.

Eva Noblezada As Sam

Eva Noblezada stars as Sam, Luck’s strikingly unlucky protagonist. Her life has always been marred by bad luck, but that changes when she finds a lucky penny. Losing it brings her to follow a lucky black cat to the Land of Luck, which kickstarts her wondrous adventure. Noblezada is famous for her roles in various Broadway shows, including playing Kim in Miss Saigon. On the small screen, she appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. On the big screen, Noblezada will star in Chandrasekhar’s Easter Sunday.

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Simon Pegg As Bob

Mission Impossible's Simon Pegg plays Bob, a Scottish black cat who helps Eva with her bad luck and finds himself followed by her to the Land of Luck. Bob will help Sam blend in with those at the Land of Luck and the consequences of her unlucky presence there that threatened the world's good luck. Besides repeatedly playing Benji in the Mission Impossible franchise, Pegg is known for starring in 2004's Shaun of the Dead. More recently, he appeared in The Boys and The Undeclared War.

Jane Fonda As Babe The Dragon

Jane Fonda plays Babe the dragon, the CEO of the Land of Luck. The dragon is an ancient being able to sniff out bad luck, and she bubbly runs the enterprise of good luck efficiently. Famous for many iconic films, including 1980’s 9 to 5, Fonda is widely known for both her career and activism. Fonda recently starred as Grace in Netflix’s Grace & Frankie and appeared in Elena of Avalor and Stoner Cats.

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Luck's Supporting Cast & Characters

Flula Borg as Jeff the Unicorn – Borg plays Jeff, a facilities engineer of the good luck machine in the Land of Luck. Borg appeared in Tangled: The Series and Ralph Breaks the Internet. He will star as Pieter Krämer in the Pitch Perfect TV show.

Whoopi Goldberg as The Captain – Goldberg plays the Captain, the Land of Luck’s head of security. Goldberg’s most famous film is probably 1992’s Sister Act. More recently, Goldberg appeared in Summer Camp Island and Harlem.

Lil Rel Howery as Marv – Howery plays Marv, Sam’s employer, who’s often a witness to her bad luck. Howery is known for starring in Get Out and The Angry Birds Movie 2. More recently, he appeared in Deep Water and Free Guy.

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Colin O'Donoghue as Gerry – O’Donoghue stars as Gerry, a leprechaun that works with Bob. O’Donoghue is known for playing Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time. He also appeared in The Right Stuff and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.

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John Ratzenberger as Rootie – Ratzenberger plays Rootie, the mayor of the bad luck part of the Land of Luck. Ratzenberger is famous for voicing Hamm in Toy Story and reprising the role in Cars. More recently, he appeared in Monsters at Work.

Maurice Irvin as Phil – Irvin stars as Phil the Pig Foreman. Irvin appeared in many TV shows, including Grey’s Anatomy. More recently, he starred in FBI: International and Them.

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Adelynn Spoon as Hazel – Spoon plays Hazel, Sam’s friend. Spoon appeared in Watchmen. More recently, she could be seen in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias.

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Luck releases on August 5 on Apple TV+.

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