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Lucifer: 15 Funniest Scenes From The Series

Lucifer: 15 Funniest Scenes From The Series Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:15 AM

Netflix's Lucifer has vastly improved upon its DC Comics source material, in large part thanks to its impeccable comedic timing and funny jokes.

For a series that’s meant to be dark fantasy, Lucifer can very well qualify as a comedy show as well. One of the ways the Netflix version has bettered the DC Comics incarnation is his penchant for comedy, with Lucifer and the characters around him frequently getting into funny situations. 

After being saved by Netflix from a FOX cancellation and finishing out the series, Lucifer has had plenty of humorous moments for fans to enjoy. Some of these are more memorable than others, with the likes of Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Daniel, and even God himself, all sharing scenes that continue to have replay value thanks to the comedy on display.

Updated on August 8, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: If there's one thing Lucifer fans can count on, it's that the series will make them laugh just as often as it will make them cry. While the series deals with serious subjects, like Lucifer working through his abandonment issues or even the potential end of the world, there's always a line or a scene that will make fans smile or full out laugh. Much of the humor in the series comes from misunderstandings between the characters or the fish-out-of-water element of angels being on Earth. Some of the best Lucifer scenes are the funniest. 


15 The Girls' Night Out Sequence

For fans watching the later seasons of the show, it's hard to imagine a time when Maze, Linda, Ella, and Chloe weren't the closest of friends. Their first "girls night," however is long before the four of them are close. While the night out is made up of several different scenes throughout the episode, the entire sequence is full of hilarity.

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Not only do the women have a little too much to drink, but they also have a lot of fun singing karaoke, and then manage to get into a massive bar fight. There's plenty of imitating Lucifer, and Chloe even agrees to a blood oath with Maze. It's certainly a prelude of how much fun they would have together in the show's future.

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14 Ella's "Trip To Stabbytown" Murder Recreation

Ella is known for her excitement at discovering and dispensing new information at crime scenes. Sometimes, when she and Lucifer get rolling on recreating a crime, they can be a bit overzealous, which is exactly what happens in Season 2 when Lucifer finds Ella using him to explain just what happened at a murder scene involving the Blade of Azrael.

As Ella details exactly what happened for Chloe's benefit, she and Lucifer end up in several lewd positions, completely innocently, of course. It's not Ella's intention, but it's readily apparent to both the audience and Chloe when Ella and Lucifer end up in compromising positions during the reenactment.

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13 Chloe, Linda, And Dan Breaking Into Lucifer's Safe

When Chloe and Linda get to talking at Lucifer's penthouse while he's out, they both become obsessed with what he's hiding in his safe. The two, after several drinks, decide to try to open it. What starts out as a fun discussion ends up being something neither of them can let go of, and their attempts to get into the safe become more outlandish.

What takes the cake in the sequence, however, is when Dan gets in on the action and just happens to be carrying a drill around with him to help them.

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12 Dan Discovering His Case Is One Big Set-Up

The audience alternate laughs at Dan and feels badly for him. He has the misfortune of often being the butt of Lucifer's jokes, and it clearly gets to Dan. One of Lucifer's biggest "jokes" however is a massive prank that involves setting up a case for Dan that spins out of control. Lucifer has every single person involved in the case in his pocket, culminating in a massive meeting between all parties in which Dan thinks he gets Maze killed.

On the one hand, it's a horrible thing to do to a friend. On the other, it turns out to be exactly the mind-bending, adrenaline-fueled, outing that Dan needs to get back into the proper headspace for his work. It's all payback for Dan having shot Lucifer when he first found out Lucifer was the devil.

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11 Trixie Denies Eating The Chocolate Cake

In a show that's full of hilarious scenes amongst its adult cast members, it can be difficult for the children on the show to be involved in equally funny moments. While a lot of Trixie's scenes with Maze are fun, her funniest is actually with Chloe.

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Trixie has a known weakness for chocolate cake. She will dig into it before dinner and hide it in her room. At one point, Chloe interrogates her about the chocolate cake that's clearly had some taken from it, trying to get Trixie to admit that she was the one to eat it. Trixie, with a completely straight face and innocent tone, maintains that she didn't do it. All the way, the chocolate cake is all over her face.

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10 Lucifer Meeting Lee Garner

Appearances from Lee Garner in Lucifer’s season premieres are customary, with Lucifer humiliating Garner every time. While they first met in the second season premiere, their official meeting was in Season 3’s first episode where Lucifer took Lee’s clothes and left him wandering the desert in his underwear.

Of course, the funniest bit of this scene has to do with Lucifer giving Lee his famous nickname of “Mr. Said-Out-B****,” having misinterpreted Lee’s threat as his name. Lucifer’s total lack of fear for Lee brandishing a gun at him was already funny, but the next shot of him wearing Lee’s clothes leaves hilarious interpretations as to how he got them.

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9 Chloe's Awful Flirting With Lucifer

Chloe realized her feelings for Lucifer by the second season, at which point she decided to try and make a move on him. Unfortunately, Lucifer was reeling from the knowledge that she was created for him and was being distant, which turned Chloe’s flirting humorously one-sided.

Moreover, Chloe’s total lack of experience in this area results in her coming on too strong and bamboozling Lucifer over what’s wrong with her. This included Chloe smacking Lucifer in the rear for no reason, laughing hysterically when he wasn’t joking, and making suggestive comments that made no sense even with context.

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8 Everybody Figuring Out Dan Is A Cop

When Dan stopped trying to shake Lucifer off and accepted he was there to stay, he asked Lucifer and Amenadiel to accompany him in a case requiring them to take cover. However, none of the characters were convinced that Dan could fool anyone, claiming he didn’t look like anything but a cop.

This was turned up to comedic lengths when Dan was called out to be a cop straight to his face by everyone, only for him to try and argue that he doesn’t look like one. The cherry on top of the scene came when the person they were trying to fool also revealed he instantly figured out that Dan was a cop.

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7 Dan Meeting God For The First Time

Daniel didn’t realize that when he hooked up with Charlotte in the second season that he was actually with the Goddess of all creation inhabiting Charlotte’s body. This came back to bite him in Season 5 when God came to know of Dan’s relationship with Goddess.

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After realizing he was speaking to God, Dan became a blubbering mess, apologizing for everything he ever did, even hugging God just to be on his good side. Funnily enough, this did nothing more than annoy God, much to Dan’s horror as he scrammed out of there worrying for his life.

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6 Dan Using Amenadiel As His Uber

Amenadiel was the one person Dan could always count on, although he did make use of Amenadiel’s powers as an angel in ways that weren’t intended. When Dan was left stranded in the middle of nowhere, he called Amenadiel up to ask for a ride back.

Unamused by this, Amenadiel told Dan he wasn’t supposed to be an Uber but agreed to take him. The funniest part arrived when Dan was taken in Amenadiel’s arms, as the two looked like a father carrying his newborn child. Not to mention Dan’s claim that he would probably faint and puke at the same time while they flew.

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5 Linda Annoying Lucifer With Existential Questions

Lucifer needing therapy is something that’s different from the comic book version of Lucifer, with the TV series turning this into a source of comedy as well. After Dr. Linda found out that Lucifer was indeed the devil, the tables turned on their relationship and she became something of Lucifer’s patient for a while.

The realization dawned on Linda when she weakly acknowledged that she’d hooked up with the actual devil, following which she began asking Lucifer existential questions like the meaning of Heaven and Hell. The characters share credit in making this a comedic sequence, as Linda’s outrageous questions were hilariously met with Lucifer’s boredom with them.

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4 Lucifer & Cain Acting Like A Couple

The title character has certainly changed from how he was in the first episode of Lucifer, but he still derives humor from poking fun at others. On this occasion, he and Cain were required to pair up and infiltrate a neighborhood to find a drug dealer, with the two putting on an act of being a couple.

Since they were vying for Chloe’s affection, Lucifer decided to get back at Cain by fully investing himself into the character. This saw him pretend to have relationship drama with Cain and engaging in overt displays of affection with the express intention of messing around with his rival. All things considered, though, they did make for a cute looking couple

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3 Amenadiel Putting On An Awful Disguise

For the most part, it’s something of a Lucifer plot hole concerning angels that they don’t know about human customs despite being around them so much. Regardless, when Amenadiel was fresh on Earth, he was naive to the point of making a fool of himself.

After losing his necklace, he put on the worst possible disguise to report the robbery, where he met Chloe and showed her a sketch he drew of the thief but could only draw a bad impression of a Jack-o'-lantern. When Chloe sarcastically pointed this out, Amenadiel even asked her where he could find “Mr. O'-lantern.”

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2 Amenadiel Having No Clue About Emojis

After Goddess left Earth in the second season finale, Amenadiel came to Lucifer asking about her. Lucifer claimed he did tell Amenadiel and pointed toward the emoji-filled text he sent him. However, the message itself was all over the place, with nothing discernible about it.

And yet, Lucifer came up with an over-the-top explanation that was hard to argue against. Funnier still was Amenadiel’s perplexed reaction, looking like a confused puppy the whole time. Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing was Amenadiel’s replies to Lucifer, which showed how out of touch he was with contemporary means of communication.

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1 Lucifer & His Group's Hilariously Terrible Attempts At Stalling

In the fifth season finale, Lucifer arrived to confront Michael and his supporting angels. With Maze out to gather the demons, Lucifer’s group needed a distraction and they came up with the most awful one imaginable. This involved outright dancing in front of Michael’s followers, which even stumped Michael himself.

What’s funny, though, was how oddly synchronized Amenadiel, Lucifer, Chloe, and Zadkiel were despite their dancing skills being downright terrible. It was a hilarious way for the show to break the tension in such an intense moment, especially since it was realistic the way the attempt crashed and burned.

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