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Love Island USA: Bria Bryant Interview

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:45 AM

Bria Bryant tells Screen Rant about her Love Island USA experience, and what might have happened with Timmy if she hadn't been dumped from the villa.

When Timmy Pandolfi decided that he still felt a strong connection with his Love Island USA day one partner, Zeta Morrison, his choice sadly sent Bria Bryant packing. The New Jersey native came onto the series as a bombshell with her brother, Chazz Bryant, and quickly caused a rift between Timmy and Zeta. After being with Zeta since episode one, Timmy was ready to get to know some other islanders. Bria, with her confident presence, showed up just in time. While Bria didn’t get the chance to pick her own partner, her brother noticed her connection with Timmy. When it was time to couple up, he thought that the New Yorker would be a perfect fit for his sister.


Unsurprisingly, this didn't go over well with Zeta. The islander wasn't pleased to be sleeping in a bed alone, and watching Timmy cuddle with his new partner. When new bombshell Jeff Christian Jr. arrived on the island, she quickly got to know him. When she was given the chance to steal Timmy back during recoupling, she instead went with the bombshell. Unfortunately, Zeta couldn't get her mind off her old partner, leaving Jeff hanging. When she wasn't keeping a watchful eye on Timmy and Bria, she was pulling the male islander aside to tell him how much she missed him. This put Bria and Jeff in a very uncomfortable position, feeling like they were not being prioritized by the contestants that they were coupled up with.

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Finally, Zeta confronted Timmy about the situation, and he admitted that he had stronger feelings for her than he did for Bria. During elimination, couples were saved based on how many votes they got from viewers watching at home. Unfortunately, Bria and Timmy and Mady and Andy were the couples with the least votes. It was then up to the islanders to choose who stayed and who was dumped from the villa. Unsurprisingly, Zeta and her friends had Mady and Timmy's backs, which meant that it was the end for Bria and Andy at the villa. Screen Rant had the chance to talk to Bria about her Zeta and Timmy love triangle, and who she would've enjoyed connecting with, had she not been eliminated from Love Island USA.

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What was it like entering the villa later in the competition, as a bombshell? Did you feel excluded by other islanders since you weren't one of the original contestants?

It made things more difficult. Time is of the essence in the villa, and being a week behind, feeling like you’re a week behind, the opportunity to make connections with certain people, it kind of sucks. It makes you have to work twice as hard, and it just gives you immediate obstacles that you have to overcome just to have a fair chance at some of those opportunities that everyone else had on day one. I felt really cool with the guys. I didn’t feel excluded in that way, but I did feel excluded with the ladies. I honestly felt like I was a threat, and some people saw me as a bigger threat than others, and that is why they chose to exclude me, because there were other bombshells that came that weren’t treated that way. Mady is an example. She was welcomed with open arms. Maybe Val wasn’t. It was almost as if any bombshell that came in that kind of wanted to pursue a relationship with someone who the islanders felt like were already in a strong couple. We were kind of treated a certain type of way. It was really difficult in that way for me.

Did you have an influence over who Chazz chose to be your partner, or was it solely based on who he thought was best for you?

It was honestly based on what he thought was best for me. I obviously was able to connect with Chazz and tell him, "hey, this is what this person told me, this is the kind of vibe I’m feeling from this person," and give like an overview of the conversations I had with the other guys I was interested in. Ultimately he picked who he felt like was best for me, and I just trusted him in that moment to do so.

If you were to choose your own partner, would you have gone with Timmy as well, or someone different?

At the moment that I came into the villa, I would have chosen Timmy, but if Jeff was there, I would’ve chosen Jeff. I just didn’t have the opportunity to explore it. I’m bummed about that, honestly.

What was the dynamic like between you and Zeta, aside from what viewers saw in the episodes?

Hopefully, you guys got the gist of it. It was really her going out of her way to start drama and to exclude me, and to not give Timmy and I a fair chance to explore a relationship. It's really hard to do that when you choose someone, and then the other person is making it a point to kiss them behind bushes or have conversations with them and ask them, "do you miss me? Do you wanna kiss me?" Things like that. It's really, really difficult when someone's persuading someone else to not build a connection with you. It's really hard.

You broke down during your last episode on the show over not feeling good enough. What is it like to be that vulnerable on a show being streamed throughout the country? Do you think your vulnerability can help other women watching, who might be feeling the same way as you?

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I’m glad you brought that up. I did wanna clear the air with that. I think that people are kind of misinterpreting how I felt in that moment, and there were other things discussed in that vulnerable moment that may not have been shown, but ultimately what I was saying was not that I never thought that I was good enough, I’ve always felt good enough. I always felt like I was the total package, just delivered to the wrong address. You can be beautiful, but it’s not gonna make a man treat you any differently. They’re gonna treat you the way they want to treat you no matter who you are. It happens to the best of them. It happens to celebrities or people, in general, all the time. That’s more so where I was coming from. I was just tired of dealing with guys who don’t treat you right even though you are the full package or everything that they might be looking for or wanting in a woman.

Do you believe you and Timmy were good for each other, and might have worked out if you had more time at the villa?

Absolutely, no doubt about it. No doubt in my mind. If I was there on day one, I have no doubts that Timmy and I would have a very strong connection.

Have you been keeping up with the episodes after your elimination? What do you think about Sereniti’s elimination? Do you wish Chazz had stayed with her, or do you think Kat is better for him?

I've definitely been keeping up; of course, I'm always rooting Chazz on. I don't think that Sereniti necessarily had my complete blessing in the villa. There was that huge age gap, and also, I don't think she was meeting Chazz halfway, and that was just evident for everyone to see. I think it was inevitable that, at some point, they did part ways. It kind of sucked that she had to go home as a result of them parting ways, but I'm hopeful that Chazz will find a new connection in the villa. Hopefully with some fresh new faces but not Kat, sorry. I think Kat and Chazz have a great friendship, and that is the foundation of any relationship. Because they have some similar interests and things like that, I think they'd be good friends, but as far as a romantic connection, I don't think so.

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Love Island USA streams new episodes every day at 9 p.m. on Peacock.

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