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Love Island: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Season 8, According To Reddit

Love Island: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Season 8, According To Reddit Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:28 AM

As season 8 of Love Island UK nears its end, fans have taken to Reddit to share and discuss their unpopular opinions about this latest season.

Love Island UK season 8 is one of the most popular installments of the show ever, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't received its fair share of criticism from viewers. As this latest season nears its end, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss their most unpopular opinions about the show and this year's contestants.

This season has been a rollercoaster, seeing unpopular opinions turn popular and vice versa, including opinions about incompatible couples, unsupportive friends, and islanders who are both under and over appreciated. What are the most interesting and controversial thoughts of Love Island fans on Reddit?


Davide is Consistent and Honest

Redditor DamianLillard0's unpopular opinion regarding Davide's behavior in Casa Amor actually turned out to be quite popular indeed with 855 upvotes. They believe that his antics were justified, and say "he is totally within his rights to explore" because he has always been honest about where he stands with Ekin-Su.

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Despite this, fans remain critical of how Davide spoke about Ekin-Su during this time, with Evening_Ad6820 contributing, "He hasn’t sold her any dreams or given her assurances so him cracking on at Casa is no big deal imo. I’m more concerned about the way he speaks about her when she’s not around."

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Davide is the Least Interesting

Davide has contributed some of the funniest quotes this season, including the iconic "you are a liar, actress" and "fake like Louis Vuitton from China". This has seen him become one of the most popular contestants over the course of this season, but PeachySeduction does not see the appeal.

They admit, "Davide says a lot of funny oneliners but he's the least interesting boy in there. he makes no effort with women, yet expects them to fall all over themselves to graft him." Despite Davide's popularity among viewers, the user is not alone in their opinion, with whowhogis humorously adding, "he’s not goat status at all bc he’s already found the love of his life and the name’s Davide."

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Gemma Isn't as Mature as Everyone Thinks

Viewers were shocked to find out that Gemma is only nineteen due to the composure and maturity she has displayed during her time on the show. However, 1sttimeredditar's unpopular opinion is that "her age also shows in how she deals with her emotions toward Luca [...], her choice in guys and how she interacts with the girls. She frankly seems in it to win it for herself and really rigid/emotionally distant otherwise."

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Most comments agree with the original poster but suggest that teenage stereotypes have led people to expect less from people her age. As Playful_Kiwi4312 says, "idk if most people are out of touch with today's 19 yr olds but most of them are like Gemma."

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Dami is Indyiah's Best Chance of Winning

Dami's antics in Casa Amor were shocking to say the least, but perhaps even more surprising was Indiyah's decision to look past this despite being renowned for her emotional intelligence. pazam says, "The girl is too smart and too mature to not be noticing Dami’s bad behavior [...] The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that she just wants to win."

The opinion is not as unpopular as the user thought, with Cocoasneeze adding, "I think there's a bit of pressure to take the guys back, also in the villa Dami is like an authority, to dump him would make you sort of outcast." However, Indiyah stood by Dami even when he was at risk of being dumped from the island, suggesting that public opinion about her relationship does not concern her.

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The Girls Should be More Supportive

The strong female friendships formed throughout the show are always a highlight, but according to strawberryg100 this year's girls seem to be less supportive than those before them, saying "compared to almost every other season I’ve watched, the girls don’t seem to genuinely have each other’s backs as much and it seems sort of lonely."

The opinion itself isn't actually unpopular, but the majority of commenters seem to agree that this is due to all the girls experiencing their own relationship problems at the same time. As pinamiller contributes,  "You can’t really do emotional labour for other people if you are dealing with your own emotional rollercoaster."

No One Deserves to Win

Usually, at this stage in the competition, there is at least one strong couple that is a clear winner to fans, but -qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy- admits that, "This season has been 'drama on roids' which has been highly entertaining but the multiple dumpster fires have left me not believing in a single couple."

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Without strictly disagreeing with this opinion, bl_air offers, "I find the last third of the season so boring when all the couples are all settled and are in lovey-dovey mode so I'm kinda glad that there are no couples to root for right now."

Gemma and Luca are a Weird Couple

Gemma and Luca are one of the best couples in the villa but have received their fair share of criticism from fans across social media. Some have criticized Gemma for her apparent lack of interest in Luca, with lax1245 confessing, "I don't really like the way she seems to recoil at his touch it makes me uncomfy to watch."

Meanwhile, others have criticized Luca for his controlling behavior. However, Academic-Dance-6310 challenges these opinions, saying, "I love Luca and Gemma they genuinely like each other" and adds, "Dont get all the Luca hate dont think he is controlling Gemma."

Tasha and Andrew Aren't Well-Suited

Tasha and Andrew have recently regained popularity after being voted the least compatible couple a number of times throughout the competition. However, GeorgieH26 believes that this popularity is due to external circumstances, stating that "people are rooting for them because of the bullying and not because they’re actually well-matched." (The "bullying" refers to Dami and Luca's treatment of Tasha which has come under fire over the last couple of weeks.)

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Most users disagree, stating that their connection seems genuine; more are humored by how drastically the tables have turned, with mslat92 saying, "Never thought I'd see the day that someone on this sub would label a negative post about Andrew and Tasha as unpopular."

Iain Stirling's Commentary Adds Nothing to the Show

Iain Stirling, the voice of Love Island, has been a fan favorite with his witty one-liners and hilarious comments about the islanders. However, LargeSurprise1420 confesses, "I feel like Iain’s commentary adds nothing to the show anymore. I feel like the jokes aren’t that funny and I feel like he’s a little afraid to call out what’s going on anymore."

More users were seemingly conflicted over this opinion than any other, with some agreeing that the jokes are a little stale this season, while others came to the comedian's defense. TallWillow828 says, "Are we watching the same show? [...] I think he's pretty spot on."

Jacques O'Neill is the Most Genuine Person

Anonymous_idiot29 controversially believes that Jacques' decision to leave and work on himself shows that his feelings for Paige are genuine, saying, "He definitely had toxic personality traits and temper issues but I would say with confidence that he is the one person there that was actually genuine and serious about his feelings."

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This opinion did indeed prove unpopular among other Redditors, with Adeniolu000 saying, "what the hell, you’re joking" and betterinthesouth adding, "People are just saying anything these days." On Reddit, the general consensus is that he left because he realized that the damage was done, or because he was advised to by the producers, not because he is a genuine person.

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