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Live A Live: The Best Order to Fight Bosses (Present Day)

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 18:14 PM

The Present Day of Live A Live allows players to fight in any order. By learning boss moves, the next encounter will be much easier to win.

The present day chapter of Live A Live allows players to progress in any order. There are six main enemies, each with various strengths and weaknesses. It is possible to learn moves from these encounters, making the next fight easier to manage.

This scenario of Live A Live acts as a homage to both the Street Fighter and Mega Man series. The plot is presented as a global fighting tournament, with the freedom of challenging different enemies. The difficulty arises or subsides based on which moves players use for each bout.

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While there is an optimal way of clearing out the present day chapter, players can find new challenges by purposely going against a boss with a major advantage. This adds plenty of re-play potential to Live A Live. One may even want to refight a defeated boss if they missed a skill as well.

Attack Attributes in Live A Live

The key to winning any combat encounter in Live A Live is to exploit the element which enemies are weak to; along with avoiding the use of resistant attacks. Main character Masaru begins with only two attacks: Gale Strike (Martial Element) and Rolling Wheel Kick (Agile Element). The latter is very strong against two foes: Jackie Iaukea and the Great Aja. Either one is a good place to start, though players can easily jump anywhere as long as they follow this weakness wheel:

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  • Jackie Iaukea > Max Morgan > Namkiat > The Great Aja > Tula Han > Master Moribe

Jackie Iaukea

As mentioned, Jackie is extremely weak to any Live A Live Agile attack. However, his own attacks are also very strong and may even use two in the span that Masaru can hit once. This means players will often need to fall back, heal, and then attack again. If players want to be even more aggressive, consider waiting until after defeating Namkiat and gaining Lookpanjama Knee.

Max Morgan

Max Morgan is terrifyingly powerful if fought at close range. However, as long as players utilize Jackie’s Aloha Slap it will proc his weakness to Wind. If Max does approach, move back and counter with only Aloha Slaps or necessary healing.

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This fighter is weak to any form of Live A Live Grapple move. German Suplex from Max Morgan will deal extremely high damage, possibly enough to finish Namkiat outright. Alternately, Arm Lock and Cross Heel Hold from Tula Han can be useful.

The Great Aja

This masked luchador fighter is another Live A Live boss weak to Agile. The default Rolling Wheel Kick does moderate damage. However, Spiral Knee won from Namkiat will shred his hitpoints even faster. Still, if one is having a hard time winning against Jackie consider starting with Aja instead.

Tula Han

Tula Han is a master of locking down enemies and preventing them from moving. However, his own range is rather pathetic for Live A Live’s battlefield. Coupled with his weakness to projectiles, he is very easy to defeat with both of Aja’s attacks: Tornado Press and Frankensteiner.

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Master Moribe is the only fighter that does not have an outright Live A Live elemental weakness, instead taking fair damage from all attacks. Instead he is extremely fast and will dance around the arena dodging attacks. Utilize Han’s moves of Arm Lock and Cross Heel Hold and Moribe will lose his speed advantage.

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Live A Live is available on Nintendo Switch.

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