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Kavi Raz Named CEO Of New South Asian Streaming Service Cpics [EXCLUSIVE]

Kavi Raz Named CEO Of New South Asian Streaming Service Cpics [EXCLUSIVE] Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 16:28 PM

Screen Rant can exclusively reveal that new South Asian streaming service Cpics has announced actor and producer Kavi Raz as their CEO.

Ahead of its Fall 2022 launch, the upcoming South Asian streaming service Cpics has appointed co-founder, producer, director and actor Kavi Raz as its CEO. Cpics, which is based in the US, is a premier subscription streaming and video-on-demand service that will be targeting growing South Asian audiences. With blockbusters such as RRR recently making their way to the mainstream thanks to global streaming platforms and South Asian-led series such as Ms. Marvel breaking through the stratosphere, it makes sense to capitalize on that momentum and introduce a more specialized service.


Born in India and raised in the UK, newly-appointed CEO Kavi Raz was one of the first South Asian actors with a breakout role on American television, having portrayed Dr. Vijay Kochar in the hit '80s show St. Elsewhere. Since then, he has appeared in a variety of iconic television series and films, including Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also works as a director (such as on the upcoming Sarabha: Cry for Freedom), writer (he created TV series The Plaza, which will premiere later this year) and producer. In fact, Kavi Raz Studios currently has several exciting project in development and going through post-production.

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As CEO of Cpics, Raz hopes to continue expanding the push for diversity and representation which has been evolving over the last decade of the entertainment industry. While Cpics will begin by focusing on and showcasing South Asian stories, promoting film and television from every genre across the storytelling spectrum, the company has plans to enter other markets after its successful launch.

Utilizing his over 30 years of experience in the industry, Raz aims to provide access and content to the South Asian diaspora - as well as a sense of community that extends beyond borders. He shared is vision in an official statement, which you can read below:

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“It’s an honor to be named CEO of Cpics and to work alongside this wonderful team to bring important stories to audiences worldwide. I’ve always been troubled by the lack of representation of South Asian creators in film and television. Cpics is a solution to that problem, and I look forward to delivering this content through Cpics to all audiences.”

Once it launches in the Fall of 2022, Cpics will become home to a wide range of original projects - many produced by Kaz's studio - such as The Gems of Ruby Hill, Dating Desi Ishstyle, The Plaza, and Bollywood Dance Academy. Outside of directing some of the most highly-anticipated projects, Raz has also been committed to reaching new talent in order to develop quality programs. Hence, Cpics recently began a mentorship program dedicated to cultivating creative voices while the fledgling program strives to drive both revenue and subscriber growth.

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Sign up on the Cpics website to stay informed regarding the platform's development and launch date.

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