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Iron Man's New Godlike Power is The OPPOSITE of The Infinity Gauntlet

Iron Man's New Godlike Power is The OPPOSITE of The Infinity Gauntlet Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 00:14 AM

Iron Man will soon acquire the Ten Rings of the Mandarin - but unlike the reality-warping Infinity Stones, his new power can't fix his mistakes.

style="text-align: center;">Warning: contains spoilers for Iron Man #22!

Marvel's Iron Man is no stranger to ultimate power, but his new teased abilities remind readers of the almighty Infinity Gauntlet - with one major exception. The Armored Avenger continually upgrades his suits and capabilities, and as a result inevitably comes across powerful artifacts that he ultimately uses in his new armor systems. This appears to be the case at the end of Iron Man #22, in which Tony finally gets his hands on phenomenal power, even if it won't allow him to undo his inevitable mistakes while using the technology.


Tony Stark is no stranger to using deadly artifacts from other worlds to upgrade his suits. His infamous Thorbuster armor was powered by a powerful Asgardian crystal, and the suits he made for the entire team in the Avengers: Tech-On series were powered by dangerous Infinity Mirror Shard energy (the shards from the destroyed Infinity Stones). Stark even gathered the Infinity Stones along with the Illuminati as part of the Infinite Destinies storyline - but the power of the Ten Rings has thus far escaped him.

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In Iron Man #22, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Angel Unzueta, Iron Man and War Machine realize that Source Control - a massively-powerful and influential arms dealing company - has the Ten Rings in their possession. These rings used to be the property of the villain Mandarin, but they vanished upon his death. A preview image for Iron Man #23 hints that not only will Iron Man find the Ten Rings, he will actually use them as part of his black Stealth Armor. Unfortunately, this great power comes with a weakness the Infinity Gauntlet did not share: as powerful as the Ten Rings are, they cannot alter reality to the extent of the Stones.

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The Infinity Stones allow a user to command space and time itself; they can then revert the universe back to a previous state (Adam Warlock memorably does this at the end of 1991's Infinity Gauntlet, for example) in the event of a catastrophe. While the rings do work together, they aren't nearly as powerful as the Infinity Stones and cannot undo a mistake. They cannot, for example, bring the dead back to life - an ability that Tony Stark used multiple times to undo the deaths he caused while wielding the Power Cosmic just a few issues previously.

Iron Man also has a tendency to misuse his power. This can be seen in both the Avengers: Tech-On and Avengers: Mech Strike: Monster Hunter series, in which Stark equips the suits of his fellow Avengers with abilities powered by dangerous tech - and fails to inform his team about the enhancements. Iron Man's new powers with the Ten Rings will almost certainly lead to disaster - and he can't undo his choices this time.

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