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Ignore MultiVersus' Pre-Season Battle Pass Countdown Timer

Ignore MultiVersus' Pre-Season Battle Pass Countdown Timer Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 22:14 PM

Though the Pre-Season Battle Pass countdown timer specifies otherwise, MultiVersus Season 1 will not launch on the date that players are expecting.

The end date for the MultiVersus Pre-Season Battle Pass countdown is now incorrect. The free-to-play beta, essentially MultiVersus' soft launch, recently dropped and players are eagerly trying out this Super Smash Bros.-style game and battling against other players worldwide. However, players are urged to ignore the countdown for the Pre-Season Battle Pass due to the delay of Season 1.

MultiVersus is a popular platform fighting game featuring a large number of recognizable characters from Warner Bros. properties, and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Currently in its beta phase, MultiVersus will receive seasonal updates similar to the likes of Fortnite and Fall Guys. However, despite in-game details, Season 1 will not launch on the date that players are expecting.


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The highly anticipated free-to-play MultiVersus roster includes characters like Batman, Shaggy, Arya Stark, and many other familiar faces together to battle it out in teams of one or two. Currently, the game has a Pre-Season Battle Pass which is available for purchase and includes skin variations for Jake, Finn, and Shaggy. While MultiVersus is expected to receive new characters, stages, modes, and cosmetic items in the form of store updates and seasonal progression, players will have to wait a little longer to experience Season 1's Battle Pass according to an announcement made on the MultiVersus' Twitter account.

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MultiVersus' Pre-Season Battle Pass Has Been Extended To August 15

Though the Pre-Season Battle Pass for MultiVersus was initially only supposed to be available till August 8, the delay of Season 1 will see that fans will have until August 15 to fully unlock all its items. MultiVersus' announcement urges players to ignore the end date seen in-game as that information conflicts with this new development. However, much like the upcoming update to buff Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, this issue likely could have been resolved by Player First Games via a small patch update.

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While many fans may be a little perplexed or even disappointed, they won't have to wait all too long to jump into MultiVersus Season 1. Much of what the next major update for the game has in store remains a mystery, but if rumors are correct then players may be greeted with new characters such as Daffy Duck. Rick and Morty are also set to make an appearance, but after the developers confirmed that their debut into the game is also delayed indefinitely, it's unclear if Adult Swim's reality-hopping du0 will show up alongside MultiVersus Season 1. Though this announcement may not be good news in the eyes of players worldwide, maybe some will rest easy now that they have more time to unlock everything on the current Battle Pass.

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