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Hulk's Healing Factor Is the Horrifying Secret to His Unbeatable Rage

Hulk's Healing Factor Is the Horrifying Secret to His Unbeatable Rage Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 16:15 PM

Hulk is an incredibly durable Marvel hero, and thanks to a fan-favorite X-Men character, it's revealed his healing factor fuels his untamable rage!

There are many characters in the Marvel Universe who can heal with uncanny speed and precision, with the Avengers’ Hulk being one of the most efficient. And thanks to a Hulkified version of Wolverine seen during the World War Hulks event, it’s revealed that Hulk’s healing factor is the horrifying secret to a kind of rage only reserved for the gamma-infused!

Brought to readers' attention in 2010’s World War Hulks: Captain America vs Wolverine #1, by Paul Tobin and Jacopo Camagni, this issue acts as the first part in a two-issue limited series that feeds into the larger World War Hulks event. A crossover that was preceded by the two fan-favorite Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylinesWorld War Hulks explored the history behind Red Hulk, saw the return of Hulk’s son, Skaar, and — much to fans’ delight — turned many Marvel characters all green and mean just like the Jade Giant himself!


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But in this tie-in issue, the story shifts gears to follow Wolverine and Bucky Barnes’ version of Captain America after they have transformed into ferocious Hulks thanks to the evil machinations of the Intelligencia and Hulk’s friend-turned-betrayer, Doc Samson. Crash-landing on the streets of Washington D.C., these iconic healing heroes immediately go at it, giving fans a wild fight between two Hulked-out behemoths of untold strength and power.

During this scuffle, Wolverine immediately susses out that, unlike Hulk Cap, his advanced healing factor is keeping his mind “almost clear” from the all-consuming gamma rage that more often than not causes Hulk to commit unspeakable harm and damage to those around him. Saying that the “dumb part of the rage” is still gnawing at the back of his mind, barely held at bay by his mutant healing power, Wolverine also touches on the idea that because of this ability, he — and by extension, the healing factor-using Hulk — are in a sort of limbo between hazy sanity and the fuming anger that is the Green Goliath’s fury.

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Essentially suggesting that Bruce Banner needs to deal with this every time he transforms, Hulk’s healing factor has been shown to fix him in ways that should be impossible (just take a read through the pages of the now concluded Immortal Hulk series to brush up on this), making Wolverine’s condition in this issue something that’s completely plausible for Hulk. And while his healing factor may not consistently be as fine-tuned as Wolverine’s is, it’s still powerful enough that Hulk relies on it to get him through the next epic battle against the forces of evil, and apparently, being dumb and full of hate 24/7.

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Hulk being unable to control his rage may not entirely be his fault, with his healing factor sometimes being the only thing stopping him from consistently unleashing his full power on the world. Being constantly held on the cusp of self-awareness and unshakable rage, Hulk becomes an even more nuanced and tragic character than he already is, so be sure to check out his current solo series to see how things are turning out for him!

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