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How to Get Sangloupmon in Digimon Survive

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  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 01:14 AM

To recruit the Demon Beast Sangloupmon in Digimon Survive, Tamers need to respond to the wolf Digimon with the best reactions during a conversation.

Sangloupmon is a Champion-level Demon Beast Digimon in Digimon Survive that highly resembles a real-world wolf but wields overly sharp blades that serve as the claws for its front and hind legs. Originating from a noble species of bloodthirsty lupine digital monsters, Sangloupmon is known to suck the blood out of other Digimon, causing all the information to be drained from their DigiCores, resulting in a horrible death in Digimon Survive. This Demon Beast Digimon is also incredibly agile and capable of traversing the Net with ease. As a result, it is said to be very difficult to catch. Therefore, Tamers will doubtless find it worthwhile to add this Digimon to their roster.


To befriend and recruit Sangloupmon in Digimon Survive, Tamers must enter Free Battle in the Second Island Area of the World Map after reaching the sixth part of the main campaign. Players will encounter this Digimon in an earlier combat scenario during Part 3, but the monster only becomes available for recruitment after the start of Part 6. After entering battle, be sure to navigate to Talk to commence a conversation with Sangloupmon instead of attacking. The Digimon can be found in the drop-down list under "Foe."

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Once a dialogue has been initiated, Sangloupmon will ask various questions and make statements, to which Tamers in Digimon Survive must provide a correct response. Offering the best satisfactory reply will grant the player two points, while less optimal choices will yield fewer points, resulting in an undesirable outcome such as failure to recruit the Digimon. Accordingly, Tamers must choose their reactions carefully to receive the highest chance of successfully befriending this Demon Beast Digimon.

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Befriending Sangloupmon In Digimon Survive

Below is a list of all the possible questions Sangloupmon might ask during a dialogue exchange in Digimon Survive. Keep in mind that the order in which the statements are given is random.

  • Question: What would you say is your favorite expression? | Best Response: Steady progress.
  • Question: Some things in this world cannot be overturned... Do you know of what I speak? | Best Response: There's no such thing!
  • Question: It's hard to believe there are monsters in Digimon Survive out there that coexist with humans... | Best Response: Friends help friends!
  • Question: Those whose positions waver from little more than words do not amount to much. | Best Response: Never happened to me.
  • Question: Do you like the moon? The sight of a full moon is so heartwarming, don't you think? | Best Response: Reminds you of you?
  • Question: Inferior creature, surrender, and you may yet live! | Best Response: Humans ain't inferior!
  • Question: Supreme beings can't be understood by others. But that doesn't mean I'm lonely or anything. | Best Response: A lone wolf, huh?
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Digimon Survive is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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