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How To Get Cyclops “Master Yoda” in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

How To Get Cyclops “Master Yoda” in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 11:14 AM

Players can get Cyclops' "Master Yoda" skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by acquiring Galactic Credits but will need to do so before August 15.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's crossover with the Star Wars universe will give players a chance at getting special skins, such as Cyclops' "Master Yoda." A crossover between these two universes first happened in July 2021, as several Star Wars-based skins became available for the various champions of Mobile Legends during a special event. Now, players will have another chance at getting these, as another crossover event between the two franchises is currently underway and will last from July 16th to August 15th. During the event, all previously released Star Wars-related skins will be available for players to buy, allowing them to get Cyclops' "Master Yoda," which was released with the first event in the summer of 2021. It's worth pointing out that this event is exclusive to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan. So players from other regions will need to use a VPN to unlock it.


Cyclops is a powerful mage character in Mobile Legends that excels at poking and dealing damage. Because of his passive, it may be a good idea to build cooldown reduction, as it will allow players to cast spells more often, which will further decrease cooldowns. However, this can become very mana draining, which is why it can also be a good idea to build mana regen on Cyclo s. This legend is one of the best in this MOBA game and excels in the mid-lane, as his Planets Attack ability allows him to effectively roam and gank other lanes quicker than most other characters.

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Starlit Hourglass is Cyclops' passive ability that will reduce his cooldowns every time one of his abilities hits an enemy. His first active skill, Stardust Shock, will cast two shockwaves in front of him and should be leveled up first as it's his best wave clear ability. Planets Attack creates a damaging aura around Cyclops for a few seconds and also increases his movement speed for the duration. Finally, Star Power Lockdown is one of the game's best ultimate abilities, as it will inflict massive magic damage while also immobilizing enemies based on the distance it has traveled.

How to Get "Master Yoda" Star Wars Skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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To acquire the "Master Yoda" skin for Cyclops, players will need to either get lucky and find them in a Draw or farm up some Galactic Credits to buy it directly. Performing Draws will cost players a cumulative 50 diamonds that reset at the end of the day. Alternatively, players can buy 10 Draws at once for 1000 diamonds. Each Draw will reward players with a random prize, as well as Galactic Credits that can be used to buy Star Wars-themed skins, such as Cyclops' "Master Yoda," which costs 700 credits. If players receive a skin they already own as part of the Draw, it will be immediately exchanged with Galactic Credi s. Players may also be able to earn Galactic Tickets, which can be exchanged for diamonds and other prizes, by completing certain in-game tasks.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available for Android and iOS.

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