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How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 17:14 PM

To befriend and recruit the angelic Angewomon in Digimon Survive, Tamers need to offer the Digimon the best responses during a dialogue exchange.

Angewomon is an Ultimate-level Angel Digimon in Digimon Survive that has the appearance of a divine feminine being with fair skin and blonde hair. Possessing eight wings, this digital monster wears a helmet similar to Angemon and is decorated with tight clothes and a long ribbon that drapes around both sides of its body. As expected of an angelic being, Angewomon has an exceptionally gentle personality in Digimon Survive but will not hesitate to deal justice to those it considers corrupt or evil. Accordingly, adding this digital monster to one's Digimon collection is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor.


To befriend and recruit Angewomon in Digimon Survive, Tamers must get to the sixth part of the main storyline, during which they can enter the Far Ruins of the Second Island Area. Tamers can encounter this Angel Digimon as a random shadow encounter or in the Free Battle events available within the zone. After commencing combat, it is important not to attack the creature. Rather, open the actions menu, select "Talk," and choose "Foe." Next, pick Angewomon to begin a conversation with the Digimon.

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During the dialogue scenario with Angewomon in Digimon Survive, Tamers will be given an assortment of questions, and their responses to the Digimon's inquiries will determine the outcome of the recruitment. Like other conversations, the best reactions in Digimon Survive will yield two points, while less optimal replies will net fewer points. Naturally, choosing such answers is undesirable, as an insufficient amount of points can lead to Angewomon refusing to unite and becoming hostile.

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Befriending Angewomon In Digimon Survive

Below is an index of every query that Angewomon might pose the Tamer with during a dialogue exchange in Digimon Survive. Providing the most optimal responses will result in the highest chance of successfully befriending this Angel Digimon.

  • Question: I may seem tough, but I actually love to grow flowers... Is that strange? | Best Response: I think it fits!
  • Question: Doesn't the tranquil morning air just get your motor running? | Best Response: Good start to the day.
  • Question: I sometimes get lost in thought by the river. I wouldn't give up that time for the world! | Best Response: Water sure is calming.
  • Question: I have something I must protect. Can you say the same? | Best Response: I have that, too.
  • Question: Facing a strong opponent in Digimon Survive sure gets your heart racing, doesn't it? | Best Response: Wish I felt the same.
  • Question: Why do you wish to fight us? | Best Response: To return to my world.
  • Question: A starry sky, or a blue sky. Which do you prefer? | Best Response: A clear blue sky!
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Digimon Survive is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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