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How Old Is Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Movie vs. The Games?

How Old Is Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Movie vs. The Games? Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 18:14 PM

The Uncharted movie introduces a younger and greener Nathan Drake than is featured in the video games. Just how old is he and does it make sense?

Uncharted introduces a version of Nathan Drake who is different from the one in the video game series, with one of the key changes being when he was born and how old he is. The first Uncharted game was released in 2007, so it's perhaps unsurprising that a movie coming out in 2022 would want to update its main character's time of birth. While there are certainly significant changes made to characters from the Uncharted games in the film, it's set up as more of an origin for Nathan Drake than has yet been seen in the source material.

If Nathan Drake's younger age in the Uncharted film weren't enough to establish its status as a prequel, the way he's introduced to important characters and elements from the games clinches it. A key detail in the movie is Nate's aversion to killing — something never referenced in the games — which he seems to get over well enough by the end when he finally uses a gun to defend himself. This is a younger, less experienced Nathan Drake; he's just coming into his own before becoming the man introduced to audiences in the Uncharted games.


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How Old Is Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Movie

Tom Holland's casting as Nathan Drake in Uncharted fits right in with what the movie establishes of the character's age. The Uncharted movie shies away from too many specifics about Nathan Drake's age, but it says that he and Sam separate when Nathan is 10 years old. The action then takes up 15 years later, suggesting an age of around 25 years old for Nate. While Holland has frequently portrayed younger characters, he's in his mid-twenties and fits the bill nicely for what Uncharted tries to establish in the Nathan Drake origin story established in the movie.

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How Old Nathan Drake Is In The Video Games

It has been confirmed a number of times that Nathan Drake's age is 31 in the first Uncharted video game. While the continuity between the two is fairly loose, the adaptation still shows a younger, greener Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie than the one established in the game franchise. A potential Uncharted 2 movie would likely show him growing further into the character audiences first met in the games.

Set somewhere between five and six years before the events of the first video game, the Uncharted movie makes credible sense as an introduction of Nathan Drake's character: he's still becoming the action hero that audiences recognize and love. Tom Holland does admirably in this sense. Nate isn't yet who he will become, but by the end of the first Uncharted movie, he's closer to becoming a familiar version of Nathan Drake.

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