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Harvey Guillén's Best TV Shows, According To IMDb

Harvey Guillén's Best TV Shows, According To IMDb Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 00:14 AM

Best known as Guillermo the long-suffering familiar, Harvey Guillén has a credible filmography of television roles outside of the shadows.

July has been a great month for actor Harvey Guillén. The third season of Harley Quinn made its debut with a bang on 28th July, with Guillén providing the voice of the newest addition to the cast, DC legend Nightwing. Secondly, the fourth season of What We Do in the Shadows premiered earlier in July, and it already looks to be an exciting character arc for Guillermo, the long-suffering familiar-turned-bodyguard, who emphasized the importance of representation in media during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Outside of these fantastic characters, Guillén has proven to have had an extensive career in television. From comedy and horror to animation, Guillén's character acting appears to have no limits in the world of television.


10 iZombie - 7.8

Stream on Netflix

Before he was sucked into the world of vampires, Guillén ventured into the world of another kind of undead. Supernatural crime drama iZombie focused on medical resident Liv as she uses her newfound abilities as a zombie to help solve murders.

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Guillén appeared in the Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode "Twenty-Sided, Die" as Diego, one of the members of the D&D party. While he doesn't have the biggest part, it's still brilliant to see him in a supernatural show with humor that focuses on the undead prior to What We Do in the Shadows.

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9 Raising Hope - 8.0

Stream on Disney+

Raising Hope is a hilarious yet touching sitcom about a man and his inept family who raises his daughter, who was the result of a one-night stand with a serial killer. Despite success with fans and critics, the series was canceled after four seasons.

In the episode "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me What To Do", Guillén guest-stars as Elijah, the partner of Sabrina's gay best friend, who both turn to Sabrina to ask her to be a surrogate mother for them. One of the episode's highlights is when Jimmy gives them Hope to look after in order to put them off having children, only for the pair to do a fantastic job. It's a very sweet foreshadowing of Guillermo's parental role of looking after kid Colin Robinson in WWDITS.

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8 Documentary Now! - 8.1

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A forgotten comedy series that is still hilarious today is Documentary Now!. Created by alumni from Saturday Night Live, the series consists of fake hilarious one-off documentaries that parody real-life documentaries.

Spoofing Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the episode "Juan Likes Rice and Chicken" focuses on the strict titular character teaching his children how to run a restaurant, despite his own restaurant only serving one dish. Guillén's Manuel is given the arduous task of perfectly halving bananas. His sincerity when describing how long his boss approves his basket of bananas hilariously brings to mind Guillermo's tedious chores he carries out for the vampires.

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7 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - 8.1

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Musical sitcom Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist focused on a programmer who could hear people's thoughts in the form of famous songs. Although canceled after two seasons, the show has garnered praise from the LGBTQ+ community through the genderfluid character Mo.

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This also extends to Guillén's role, who plays the sweet and eager-to-please programmer George who, according to Metro, Guillén describes as LGBTQ+. With song numbers, Guillén was able to sing as well and show off his musical chops. The scene is particularly touching as it sees George sing about how hurt he is deep down by the office bully, which brings him closer Zoey.

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6 Reacher - 8.1

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Based on a book series by Lee Child, Amazon's crime thriller Reacher focuses on a former military policeman's investigation which gradually unearths a lot of corruption and conspiracy. The first season was met with praise from critics and audiences alike, and a  highly anticipated second season has been commissioned.

Guillén's role in the series is Jasper, the town's medical examiner. Although his naivety and well-meaning nature caused him to overlook several murders, Jasper is easily one of the most intelligent characters in Reacher, as his skills were fundamental in helping one of the main characters obtain a much-needed clue.

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5 The Owl House - 8.2

Stream on Disney+

The Owl House has garner praised from fans and critics for its positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community through the relationship of Luz and Amity. As well as this, the show is extremely well-received for its lovable characters and fascinating storylines.

Among the colorful cast of characters is the catlike school student Angmar, voiced by Guillén. Although he only appears in one episode, Guillén made the most of his time in the groundbreaking show and bought life to the endearing character. His adoration of bugs is particularly wholesome to witness.

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4 The Good Place - 8.2

Stream on Netflix

The Good Place is considered one of the best fantasy shows on Netflix and for good reason. As well as unusual plots and characters, the series set in the afterlife had some very poignant and philosophical moments.

It seems that Guillén has covered zombies, vampires, and Hell itself. The first part of the episode "Everything Is Bonzer!" features Shawn trying to hack into the Judge's system in order to track what Micahel is up to with the help of some Bad Placers. One of these Bad Placers is Steve, who is played by Guillén, who is promptly cocooned by Shawn after his work is done.

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3 Harley Quinn - 8.5

Stream on HBO Max

The adult animated series Harley Quinn has proven to be a roaring success among viewers, and fans are excited to see the newest adventures of the eponymous anti-heroine and her best friend-turned-girlfriend Poison Ivy in the highly anticipated season 3.

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The DC characters that appear in Harley Quinn are hilariously reimagined to fit the show's outrageous humor and Guillén's Nightwing has already hit the ground running. Imitating Batman's signature serious voice to the point where even Batman questions it, Guillén's Nightwing is a brilliant addition to the show not only because of how entertaining he is but because it seems to be creating a new dynamic for a slightly dysfunctional Bat Family.

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2 Archer - 8.6

Stream on Hulu

Spoof animated spy series Archer continues to be a smash hit for viewers, having recently been picked up for a thirteenth season. Naturally, the show will see the return of a number of beloved characters, and this could include Guillén's character, Alton.

Alton is part of Cloudbeam, the marketing company that works for Malory Archer's agency that was introduced in the season 12 premiere. There is a lot of comedic potential to be had with the Cloudbeam marketing team in season 13, so it is possible that Guillén will be making more appearances as the marketer with a folklore degree.

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1 What We Do In The Shadows - 8.6

Stream on Hulu

It's almost no surprise that Guillén's highest-ranking show is What We Do in the Shadows. The show's main cast has delighted and entertained fans since the first episode but there is perhaps no other character arc like Guillermo.

Guillermo starts as a shy yet long-suffering familiar who grows in confidence when he discovered his vampire-hunting ancestry, with much more to come in season 4. He has shined as one of the most likable and sympathetic characters in the show, not to mention providing representation for ethnicity and the LGBTQ+ community, and this is down to the commendable, funny, and touching performance of Guillén.

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