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Halloween Ends Trailer Detail Teases Michael Myers Copycat Killer

Halloween Ends Trailer Detail Teases Michael Myers Copycat Killer Image
  • Posted on 21st Jul, 2022 16:14 PM

The teaser trailer for Halloween Ends shows Michael Myers squaring off with Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode, but another killer could be involved.

The teaser trailer for Halloween Ends depicts a brutal fight between Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode, but it's possible that it could also be hinting at a copycat killer. The third installment in David Gordon Green's Halloween legacy reboot, Ends takes place four years after Halloween Kills, and will even acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic. Not much is known about the plot, other than that it will serve as the finale of the trilogy 2018's Halloween commenced.

David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy was one of the first of a wave of horror legacy sequels, redrawing the continuity of the Halloween franchise by only acknowledging John Carpenter and Debra Hill's chilling 1978 original. These new films have focused on a version of Laurie Strode who has struggled to move on from the events of the first Halloween, and who has spent the remainder of her life preparing for Michael Myers' return. Said return happens in Halloween (2018), which culminated with Laurie luring Michael into a house she'd rigged to be his tomb. Michael escapes this fate in Halloween Kills, and takes his revenge against the citizens of Haddonfield, including Laurie's own daughter, Karen (played by Judy Greer). Halloween Kills ends with Michael alive and well, and with Haddonfield fearing the next Halloween season. Only, it appears as if Michael has been biding his time.


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The synopsis for Halloween Ends states that Michael Myers hasn't been seen since the events of Halloween Kills, and it's unclear what exactly brings him out of his slumber. He's a key presence in the trailer, battling with Laurie in a blacked-out house, and it's very obviously him given the scars on his left hand and the fact he's missing two fingers (an injury sustained in the finale of 2018's Halloween). However, while it's clear that Michael will have a part to play, Halloween Ends' teaser trailer seemingly hints at another person donning the iconic white Shatner mask. Jamie Lee Curtis previously spoke of how she believes Halloween Ends will "make people very angry", which would imply some element of controversy to the story or that an established tenet has been changed. There are plenty of ways the film could end up winding people up, but something relating to Michael could be one of them. The expectation going into Ends is that Laurie and Michael will go face-to-face and that one of the pair - assumedly - will prevail, but there's plenty of scope to subvert that expectation. Indeed, the plot synopsis for Halloween Ends seems to infer just that, with Laurie having finally moved on from the fear of Michael, and a new evil emerging in his stead.

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Why Michael Myers' Breathing Is Different In Halloween Ends

The opening of the Halloween Ends movie trailer features Michael's trademark heavy breathing, but the breaths sound lighter than Nick Castle's typical, weighty intakes. While this could simply be written off as an unrelated change, altering something so fundamental to the horror figure could also be taken as a clue that it's not him at all. Indeed, having another copycat killer attempt to replicate this Michael Myers trademark - and be slightly off the mark - would be an effective way to differentiate the pair, and show audiences early that something isn't quite right before the reveal itself.

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What Happened To Michael Myers' Missing Fingers In Halloween Ends

The Halloween Ends trailer sequence - initially shot from the first-person POV of the killer in another callback to Carpenter's original film - also depicts this "Michael" opening the door to an armed Laurie Strode. Interestingly, their left hand has all of its digits intact, which would imply that this isn't Halloween's Michael Myers at all, and that Laurie will have to contend with more than one killer in Halloween Ends. Much in the same vein as the altered breathing hints at a copycat killer without fully giving the game away, having brief shots of what seems to be the first-person perspective of a Michael who has regained his missing fingers can provide another clue for audiences.

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Is Corey Cunningham The Michael Myers Copycat Killer?

There's plenty of speculation surrounding Rohan Campbell's character in Halloween Ends, and justifiably so. The synopsis states plainly that he is the suspect in a murder while babysitting, and while his innocence is likely to be contested throughout the film, it's possible that Rohan Campbell's Corey Cunningham could be the copycat killer Shape seen stalking Laurie at the beginning of the Halloween Ends teaser trailer. Thematically, this would also make sense. The synopsis speaks of Laurie confronting an evil "she can't control"; Michael Myers has long been a symbol of pure evil, but the evil that could be hiding inside anyone - one that Laurie cannot predict - is arguably even scarier. Whether Halloween Ends expands upon the discussions of mob mentality in Halloween Kills or takes a different route into how Michael Myers' unique brand of evil is unsettlingly ordinary is unclear, but there's a strong possibility that the film could have more than just the one Shape.

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