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Gotham Knights' Bat Family Heroes Will Subvert A Classic RPG Trope

Gotham Knights' Bat Family Heroes Will Subvert A Classic RPG Trope Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:28 AM

Many RPGs start players out underpowered compared to how they wind up. Gotham Knights will subvert this and start players as certified heroes.

By subverting one classic RPG trope, Gotham Knights will allow players to begin the game as heroic defenders of Gotham rather than have to spend the majority of it working toward that status. It is normal to start relatively underpowered in most RPG-style games to let players experience the majority of their character's growth along with them. In contrast to this, Gotham Knights sees each of its protagonists begin the story already as powerful as one would expect from Batman's apprentices.

Gotham Knights stars Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin in a world where Batman has died. The four Knights must contend with an increase in crime across Gotham as each works out what it means to be their own hero. From the sinister Court of Owls to the chilling Mr. Freeze, the criminals of Gotham are on the attack (though the surprise villains will be its secret weapon). Players will be able to control each of the four protagonists as they work to unravel the Court of Owls' latest conspiracy and save Gotham.


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The main characters of Gotham Knights will start the game as fully-fledged heroes, subverting the usual RPG practice of starting at a low level and having to work up to heroic status. This subversion will allow players to immediately feel like the heroes Gotham deserves, while also making for a unique avenue of progression for the individual Knights. Rather than working up to being heroes, the Knights must work up to what it means to be their own heroes, outside of Batman's shadow.

Gotham Knights Will Start Players Out As Heroes

According to game director Patrick Redding (via IGN), in Gotham Knights, the heroes already start out as "effectively graduates of the Batman School of Crime Fighting." After he finished teasing a major villain reveal for Gotham Knights, he went on to explain what this means, stating that "So when they start, they are at their most similar, in the sense that they have a lot of these basic tools of combat and stealth [...] And then it's really over the course of the game that they fully diverge into their own flavor of what a Dark Knight of Gotham City should be."

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This could have a variety of implications for the different Knights. In Gotham Knights, Red Hood has already shown to have some arcane talent. It's possible that his upgrade path will grant him access to more magical abilities. Nightwing's acrobatic fighting style could see more combos and traversal options added, while Robin's technical prowess could be maximized. As seen in her gameplay trailer, Batgirl's acrobatic combat upgrades could potentially see her utilizing a variety of weapons and gadgets to take down criminals. So while some development will happen, it's a bit different from the typical hero's journey found in many RPGs.

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Gotham Knights aims to make players feel more than capable of defending Gotham City in Batman's stead. While starting out similarly, each Knight will develop their own unique combat and stealth tools as they progress throughout the game. It's a shake-up from traditional RPGs, in which players can see the main character turn into a hero - in Gotham Knights, the characters are already heroes.

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Source: IGN

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