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Genshin Impact's Best Weapons For The Traveler

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 13:15 PM

Genshin Impact's Traveler can wield different elements, each requiring different builds. Here are the best weapons for each variation of the Traveler.

Genshin Impact's main protagonist, the Traveler, can resonate with Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact to change their elemental alignment, requiring different builds and weapons depending on which element the Traveler is attuned to. Currently, the Traveler can resonate with three elements in Genshin Impact: Mondstadt's Anemo, Liyue's Geo, and Inazuma's Electro. When the Dendro nation of Sumeru is added to the game in Genshin Impact's 3.0 update, it's expected that the Traveler will be able to resonate with statues in Sumeru, granting Lumine or Aether the power of Dendro for the first time.


The Traveler is the main protagonist of Genshin Impact, with players getting to choose in the game's opening moments between twin siblings Lumine and Aether. A 5-star playable character who wields a sword, the Traveler can become attuned with the power of Anemo, Geo, or Electro by resonating with the statues in the corresponding region of Teyvat. Currently, the Electro Traveler is considered the most powerful of the three; however, good Artifact and Weapon builds exist for every variation of the Traveler.

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As the Traveler's elemental affinity changes, so do their abilities. Therefore, the best weapon for each variation of the Traveler differs depending on the element they're wielding, as different swords provide different buffs and skill effects. Unsurprisingly, the best weapon for every version of the Traveler is a 5-star, high-rarity weapon. However, there are also great 4-star weapons in Genshin Impact for players who are new to the game or free-to-play.

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Genshin Impact's Best Weapons For The Anemo Traveler

Anemo is the first element in Genshin Impact that the Traveler is able to resonate with, upon interacting with Statues of the Seven in the Anemo nation of Mondstadt. Although Anemo is one of the weaker element choices for the Traveler, the Anemo Traveler can hold their own in the Sub-DPS role, offering their team crowd control through the use of their Anemo abilities.

The best 5-star weapon for the Anemo Traveler is Genshin Impact's Primordial Jade Cutter, thanks to its bonus CRIT rate stats and HP boosting effects. Additionally, the Primordial Jade Cutter provides the user with an ATK bonus based on their Max HP. The Skyward Blade offers a similar, albeit less impressive, CRIT rate boost, making it a reasonable alternative 5-star weapon for the Anemo Traveler to use if players haven't been lucky enough to get their hands on the Primordial Jade Cutter.

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Out of Genshin Impact's 4-star weapons, the Sacrificial Sword is the top pick for the Anemo Traveler, providing a bonus Energy Recharge as well as the chance to end the Traveler's Elemental Skill cooldown. Despite a powerful Anemo Elemental Burst that can redirect Boss attacks, one of the Anemo Traveler's biggest flaws is that they are unable to move while charging their abilities, rendering them vulnerable to enemy attacks. As the Anemo Traveler's Elemental Skill usually has a long cooldown, the Sacrificial Sword seeks to counter this weakness.

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Genshin Impact's Best Weapons For The Geo Traveler

The second element that Genshin Impact's Traveler can resonate with is Geo, courtesy of Statues of the Seven in Liyue. Similar to the Anemo Traveler, the Geo Traveler isn't highly-rated among Genshin Impact's 5-star characters, with much stronger options available that also wield the Geo element. However, the Geo Traveler is particularly useful for exploration in Genshin Impact, thanks to their ability to create a giant meteorite that can be climbed and used as a platform.

Fortunately for Genshin Impact players, the best 5-star weapon for the Geo Traveler is the same as the best weapon for the Anemo Traveler. The Primordial Jade Cutter's CRIT rate bonus stat aims to combat the Geo Traveler's low base stats. The best 4-star weapon for the Geo Traveler is the Black Sword, which increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 20%, plus an added bonus of regenerating ATK dealt as HP for the character. Festering Desire, a sword that players could earn during the Genshin Impact version 1.2 event, also works well for the Geo Traveler, thanks to its Elemental Skill DMG and CRIT rate boosting properties.

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Genshin Impact's Best Weapons For The Electro Traveler

The third element Genshin Impact's Traveler can resonate with is Electro, once the Traveler has reached Inazuma, Teyvat's Electro region. The Electro Traveler is widely considered to be the strongest variation of the Traveler, excelling in the Support role, rather than as a Sub-DPS. Providing Electro DMG even when off-field, the Electro Traveler can trigger elemental reactions with most elements and works well alongside characters that require a lot of elemental energy recharge.

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The best 5-star weapon for the Electro Traveler is the Skyward Blade in Genshin Impact, which provides a 12% energy recharge bonus, as well as a CRIT rate boost. The best thing about using the Skyward Blade on the Traveler is the skill effect, Skypiercing Might, triggered upon using the Traveler's Elemental Burst. Skypiercing Might increases movement and attack speed while buffing Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 20% for 12 seconds. Genshin Impact players who own the Primordial Jade Cutter will be happy to know it works well for the Electro Traveler too, making it the best choice of 5-star weapon to use across all three elements.

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The best 4-star weapon for the Electro Traveler is craftable, making it fairly easy for Genshin Impact players to obtain. The 4-star weapon in question is the Amenoma Kageuchi, the blueprint for which players obtain during the Farmer's Treasure World Quest. When a character uses the Amenoma Kageuchi, they will gain Succession Seeds each time they use their Elemental Skill. Subsequently, when the Genshin Impact character uses their Elemental Burst, the Succession Seeds are consumed and each seed regenerates +6 energy for the character.

Fortunately for Genshin Impact players, the game offers a wealth of 4-star and 5-star weapon options that can be used by every variation of the Traveler. The 5-star Primordial Jade Cutter is the clear winner if players want to use the same 5-star weapon on the Traveler regardless of element. However, Genshin Impact's 5-star weapons can be hard to come by, especially for players who don't want to spend any money on the game's gacha system. Though some of Genshin Impact's weapons aren't worth the Starglitter they cost, there are still plenty of 4-star weapons in Genshin Impact that work well for every character, including every iteration of the Traveler.

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