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Game Of Thrones: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Ramsay As A Character

Game Of Thrones: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Ramsay As A Character Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 16:14 PM

There are a number of very important quotes from Ramsay Bolton/Snow that really do a great job of summing up the aspects of his character.

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Even though it hasn’t premiered yet, it’s already fairly clear that House of the Dragon, which focuses on the dreadful civil war within House Targaryen, will feature much of the violence and politics that were such a key part of the appeal of Game of Thrones. Within the latter series, few characters were quite as reviled, or sadistically violent, as Ramsay.

The illegitimate son of Roose Bolton, he terrorized numerous characters during his time on the series. Unsurprisingly, given his rather one-dimensional characterization, there are a number of Ramsay quotes that perfectly sum up Ramsay’s personality.


Ramsay Realizes That He Has Power

"B**stards Can Rise High In The World."

As the son of Roose Bolton (one of the most evil characters on Game of Thrones), Ramsay has a very heavy burden, especially since he is illegitimate. However, he is determined to do everything in his power to live down this stain on his legacy.

This quote demonstrates his unshakable, and core, belief that the fact that society's view of him will never stand in the way of attaining what he believes to be his due. Indeed, he will be one of those who demonstrates just how far "bastards" can rise in the world, and how far they can fall.

Boredom Is Dangerous For Ramsay

"Jealousy Bores Me. You Remember What Happens To People Who Bore Me?"

Even though there were many terrible things that Ramsay did, one of the worst things he did was psychologically torture people. In fact, as this quote makes clear, it was precisely his ability to strike fear into others through his words alone that made him such a terror to everyone with whom he came into contact.

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And, when it came down to it, it was clear that some of his greatest torments emerged from the fact that he was merely bored, which is what made him such a complex villain (but an interesting character story).

Ramsay Is His Father’s Son

"I Am Lord Bolton."

In some ways, Roose Bolton was one of the smartest characters in Game of Thrones, able to court those who were in power so that he could secure his own advantage. However, his own intelligence is precisely what blinded him to the threat posed by Ramsay, and this quote reveals the extent to which the latter was determined to lay claim to his father’s name and thus secure his political future.

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Though he was born with the name Snow, he will stop at nothing to attain what he thinks is his rightful appellation.

History Matters

"Traditions Are Important. Where Are We Without Our History?"

There are many important noble houses in Game of Thrones, and though Bolton isn’t one of the most powerful, it has its own troubling history. In particular, their tendency to flay those who displease them is one of their most notable attributes. When Ramsay makes this comment, then, he is clearly indulging in yet another of his little plays with words.

For him, the history of his house is an inspiration for his own cruelty and his own philosophy of rule, which relies on terrorizing everyone into obeying him.

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A Very Sinister Game

"Let’s Play A Game. Run To Your Brother. The Sooner You Make It To Him, The Sooner You Get To See Him Again."

Rickon Stark is one of the most unfortunate members of House Stark, largely because he is one of the most disposable. This is made very clear in the game of cat-and-mouse that Ramsay decides to play with him on the eve of the Battle of the Bastards. This quote reveals much about Ramsay’s personality, particularly his desire to play with those he already intends to kill.

He always wants to make sure that he can inflict as much suffering as he possibly can on those who oppose him, particularly when he sees them as a genuine threat.

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

"My Hounds Will Never Harm Me."

If there is one thing that characterizes Ramsay as much as his cruelty it is his arrogance. He constantly believes that he has the upper hand in almost any situation, even when it is clear that he is coming close to defeat. Nowhere is this more evident than in this quote, when he continues to believe that he will be safe from the ravening appetite of his own hounds.

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As it turns out, however, he will be devoured by them, in one of the most disturbing, if satisfying, deaths in the series (and definitely not one of the saddest).

Sarcasm Is Not Lost On Him

"I’m A Man Of Mercy."

Ramsay is someone who knows how to get under the skin of almost everyone. It’s part of what makes him one of the series’ most compelling, and unpleasant characters. He particularly likes to make a joke out of his own cruelty, as this quote amply demonstrates.

There are few characters who are quite as ruthless as he is, and so when he refers to himself as a man of mercy, he is not only calling attention to his own penchant for cruelty but his own skill at playing sadistic mind games with everyone around him.

His Name Is Reek

"Theon Was Our Enemy, But Reek, Reek Will Never Betray Us."

The relationship between Theon and Ramsay is one of the most disturbing in the series. In large part, this is because the latter does everything he can to break the former’s spirit, and in large part he succeeds. This is one of those quotes that reveals just how irredeemably evil Ramsay really is.

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He is so successful at mental torture that he is literally able to destroy a man’s mind and remake him into something far different, and debased, tan he was originally.

The Most Dangerous Game

"Let’s Play A Game. Which Body Part Do You Need The Least?"

Like the other members of his family, Ramsay seems to delight in torturing those who come under his control. This quote reveals the extent to which he views everything that he does, even his vilest actions, as little more than a game.

He has such a twisted sense of morality, and such a skewed view of the world around him, that he genuinely seems to take pleasure in making everyone who comes into his orbit as miserable as possible, and the more pain he can inflict the better.

Don’t Make Him Ask A Second Time

"Do I Need To Ask A Second Time? I Hate Asking A Second Time."

Ramsay Snow is one of those people who has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of others with even the most seemingly simple of questions. In this case, he merely inquires as to whether he has to ask a second time, but it contains so much of his personality.

It’s clear, both to the viewer and to those he asks the question of, that Ramsay is not someone to be kept waiting. In fact, he will look for almost any excuse to inflict torment on others.

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