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Friday the 13th: 10 Characters That Deserved To Live, According to Reddit

Friday the 13th: 10 Characters That Deserved To Live, According to Reddit Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 02:14 AM

While fans enjoy the kills of the Friday the 13th series, they've also lamented seeing likable & interesting characters get the ax.

With recent hits like X and Fear Street: 1978, it looks like slashers are in vogue again. That's getting fans nostalgic for arguably the most iconic slasher franchise ever, Friday the 13th. But while many fans are discussing their favorite kills or weapons from the Friday movies, others are discussing which of Jason's victims didn't deserve their fate.

That's why Reddit users have discussed which Friday the 13th characters they wanted to see live, either because of their likable personalities, their cunning and tenacity, or just because they wanted to see these characters return for further installments.


Violet - Friday the 13th Part V (1985)

In a movie full of whacky and loud characters, Violet managed to stand out without saying much. A goth girl with a bad attitude, Violet became a highlight for fans after showing off her incredible dance moves(not the only Friday character to do so).

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Unfortunately, that's right before the Jason copycat of the movie stabs her in the abdomen. While many of the characters in this sequel honestly deserved their horrible fate, Violet was an interesting and memorable character that should've been spared. Reddit users like Shodakai_Youth agree, simply writing, "Violet 🎸🎧🎶." The fact that Violet made such an impression with such little screen time is a testament to how much fans gravitated toward her personality.

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Paula - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

One of the most innocent and kind-natured of Jason's victims, Paula is a camp counselor at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. When the head counselors are killed off, it's up to Paula and her friends to take charge of the campers.

Even though she's a side character without much screen time, Paula made a huge impression on fans because she's among the sweetest counselors at Crystal Lake, particularly when she helps a young camper go back to sleep after a nightmare. To make matters even worse for fans, they were ultimately dismayed at just how bloody Paula's death was. BurghFinsFan writes, "She was really sweet and yet died so gruesomely."

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Sheriff Garris - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

This choice is ironic because, in many ways, Sheriff Garris is an unlikable character. He arrogantly refuses to listen to reason throughout most of Jason Lives. But that's what makes his final moments so much more impactful, and why fans are left mourning him. After refusing to believe that Jason has come back from the grave, Garris is finally faced with the hockey-masked psychopath at Camp Crystal Lake.

While most movie cops might run away or doom themselves with incompetence, Garris charges Jason in order to protect his daughter. That's why Reddit users like wg_nexline have chosen him, writing that he's "one of the few that took Jason head on." Most of the time, the thick-headed sheriff never learns their lesson, so it makes Sheriff Garris' sacrifice stand out to fans even more.

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J.J. - Friday the 13th Part VIII (1989)

Sometimes characters are killed off that fans wished had ended up being the final girl. That's the case with J.J., a rocker aboard a cruise ship headed for Manhattan. She has a killer look and knows how to shred, and had more personality than just about any other character in the film.

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So fans were disappointed to see her end up being one of the very first victims, killed by her guitar. Reddit user genericmovievillain writes, "JJ in Manhattan really could've had a cool story if they hadn't whacked her right out of the gate." While it was one of the film's more memorable deaths, fans think she should've at least stuck around longer, and her absence was felt for the rest of Part VIII.

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Mark & Vickie - Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

These two go hand-in-hand here because it was their relationship that made them so endearing. Two young camp counselors at a new camp near Crystal Lake, Mark and Vickie are among the most likable of the new cast, and their sweet romance is tragically cut short when Jason starts killing the new counselors off.

Reddit user Suphah chooses them because "they were adorable and they’re the only deaths in the whole series that genuinely makes me upset when I think about them." Mark and Vickie's romance hit particularly hard because there aren't many love stories in Friday the 13th movies, so fans connected to Mark and Vickie, especially since Mark is in a wheelchair and Vickie was so supportive of him.

Julius - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Few characters have dared to fight Jason, but only one has had the gusto to challenge him to a fist fight. That's why fans were rooting so hard for Julius, the traveling high-schooler that gets chased by Jason throughout New York City. What makes Julius' death so tragic is how ultimately futile it is. Jason won't get taken down by a punch.

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But Julius keeps swinging away with the spirit of a fighter. Hopefully, it's a constellation for Julius that he's one of the most iconic kills of the franchise. As ScorpionTDC puts it, "On the one hand, Julius is easily my favorite character and generally funny/badass/awesome. On the other hand, his boxing kill is by far the best part of the movie and worthwhile IMO." Then again, that kill is partially iconic because Julius' fighting spirit up to that point made it even more heartbreaking.

Alice - Friday the 13th (1980)

The OG Final Girl of the franchise, camp counselor Alice's victory was short-lived(no pun intended) when she ended up getting killed in the very first scene of Friday the 13th Part II. While it's a shocking moment and grabs the viewer's attention, fans are still dismayed to watch a triumphant final girl get disposed of so unceremoniously.

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It's particularly sad after hearing that actress Adrienne King had a real stalker during the filming of Part II. One can only imagine how she felt as she had to pretend to be stalked and killed with an ice pick. Reddit users like C4rlonator1903 sympathize with her, writing "Yeah they really did her so dirty by killing her off." Even though fans love a good kill, Alice is one of a few characters who easily deserved to be a reoccurring character.

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Jimbo - Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984)

Crispin Glover was just a year away from his most famous role in Back to the Future when he played an awkward, socially anxious young teen in this hilariously misnomered Friday the 13th sequel. And he delivers all the Crispin Glover weirdness that fans could've hoped for, making him one of the most memorable and endearing characters of the franchise.

Unfortunately, that couldn't save him from Jason. But even though he was brutally killed off, he'll always have a place in fans' hearts for his hilarious dialogue, endless eccentricities, and the most bizarre dance moves in '80s cinema. Reddit users like BurghFinsFan choose him because, well, "he was hilarious." And a case could easily be made that he was the funniest victim in the whole franchise.

Mrs. Voorhees - Friday the 13th (1980)

This one might be cheating, but it's not wrong to say that fans would've loved to see much more of Betsy Palmer's sinister yet maternal performance as Mrs. Voorhees from the original Friday the 13th. It might disappoint fans rewatching the first movie that Jason isn't the killer, but Betsy Palmer more than makes up for it with a truly terrifying portrayal that elevates the movie.

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That's why Reddit users like Slippy87 think she's an easy choice, writing "Pamela Voorhees of course."While Betsy Palmer famously hated the franchise, she was a total professional and delivered a high-class performance, and she likely would have done the same in subsequent sequels. Sadly, fans only got to see her return briefly in Part II. Still, fans will always remember and celebrate Palmer's immortal performance in this original movie that started it all.

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