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FBoy Island Season 1: Where Are The Fboys Now?

FBoy Island Season 1: Where Are The Fboys Now? Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:28 AM

The first season of FBoy Island introduced us to a wide variety of men who consider themselves to be fboys; what are they up to now?

The second season of HBO Max's FBoy Island has been released, with the first episode having premiered on July 14th. One of the most notable surprises of the series has been the return of some familiar faces to the fold, with season 1 contestants Peter Park and Casey Johnson participating in season 2 as well.

Both Park and Johnson have done well to redeem themselves from their season 1 woes, with both still being alive in the final six. However, with their successful turnarounds, as well as fellow season 1 fboy Garrett Morosky's presence in Limbro, some fans have been wondering what the other season 1 fboys have been up to a year later.


Peter Park

A model based in New York City, Peter Park was quickly eliminated in episode one after being exposed as an fboy through talking about children and marriage right off the bat.

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Despite his early exit in season one, Park was brought back by HBO Max for season two of FBoy Island, and is currently competing in the reality show for his shot at $100,000 or love.

Israel Dimri

Dimri, the self-described entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, was unable to leave a lasting impression on the women, being eliminated in episode two.

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Since his early exit on the iconic HBO Max show, Dimri has been working on his model career and currently doing work for media production company CONTENT X in Los Angeles.

Divij Vaswani

A talent agent from Los Angeles, Divij Vaswani found himself shipped off to Limbro after he was exposed for saying CJ never read and was high-maintenance.

Since the show, Vaswani has been pursuing his music career abroad. He recently finished up his first shows in India and dropped a single featuring St. Louis rapper Yung Bans.

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Charley Santos

The fitness trainer and model from Los Angeles stirred up some drama after being eliminated in the second episode, claiming he was a nice guy and forcing producers to inform host Nikki that he was lying.

Santos didn't let his early exit get to him however, as he can be seen on his Instagram where he is enjoying his time as a model for brands, such as Calvin Klein.

Kevin Sun

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An event producer from Honolulu, Kevin Sun wasn't able to strike up much of a relationship with any of the women, and was eliminated by CJ in episode four.

Despite his less than stellar performance on the bingeworthy HBO Max show, Sun is doing quite well for himself, recently working as an event producer for Coachella (as seen on his Instagram), as well as continuing work with his adventure brand Hi Copter.

Anthony Reed

A workout fanatic and behavior health technician, Anthony Reed had a solid run, but fell victim to the double elimination in episode four after being eliminated by Sarah.

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Staying true to his occupation, Reed has been going hard in the gym for his little over 24k followers on Instagram, even getting up to benching two plates for reps.

Jomar Josué Pérez Adorno

The buisness developer and dance master Jomar Josué Pérez Adorno was one of the surprise additions in episode three. His time was brief, however, as he was eliminated in episode six.

It doesn't seem like his early exit had affected him too much as after his brief appearance on FBoy Island, Adorno has taken a liking to both photography and fitness, starting blogs to chronicle his journeys in both disciplines.

Chris Gillis

The real estate broker from New York City was playing for the money the whole time, often giving the women information about other contestants to gain trust before his elimination in episode six.

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Gillis is now using the lessons he learned from his time on FBoy Island to guide his real-estate business, where he has incorporated media to aid in his sales processes (as seen from his Instagram).

Greg Metelus

A content creator from Los Angeles, Greg Metelus was able to get moderately close to Nakia, not being eliminated until episode seven of the ten-episode series.

While Metelus didn't need any help with exposure before appearing on FBoy Island, he has more than doubled his Instagram followers to over 400,000 and is doing model work for NovaMEN, FashionNova's male line, in addition to his content creation work.

Welcome Tjelmeland

A club promoter and DJ out of Miami, Welcome Tjelmeland did his best to stick around and ended up making a solid connection with Sarah. It wasn't enough though, and he was eliminated in episode eight.

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After Tjelmeland wasn't able to woo Sarah for a spot in her final two, he went back to Miami and continued his work. He is currently working as a DJ around Miami on yachts and at parties.

Collin Carter

The photographer and barber from Toledo was close but no cigar, getting eliminated in episode eight of Fboy Island's inaugural season and just missing out on being a top-six contestant.

While he might have not made it to the final, Collin Carter is certainly making the most of his time on the HBO Max show, now playing basketball and doing model work for companies such as Fabletics.

Casey Johnson

One of the more volatile players in season one of Fboy Island, Casey Johnson was a surprise elimination in episode four but came back even after a rant about how CJ didn't deserve love. It was not to be though, as he was again eliminated in the season finale.

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Despite being eliminated twice during the show, Johnson has been doing well making a name for himself as a model. He is currently in a partnership with NovaMEN, and still maintains a close friendship with eventual winner Garrett Morosky. He has also made a return to FBoy Island, currently competing as a reformed fboy in season 2.

Jared Motley

Known as the "OG" Jared, as opposed to nice guy Jarred Evans who joined in episode three, Jared Motley left FBoy Island with a change of heart, stating that he had fallen in love with Nakia and even splitting his prize money with her when he won.

Despite leaving the island with a relationship, Nakia confirmed via a Reddit post in September of 2021 that the two had split. Motley has, however, been taking advantage of his newfound fame, being a VIP attendee of the Super Bowl and recently attending the premiere of the Paramount+ show The Challenge.

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Garrett Morosky

The self-proclaimed cryptocurrency guru Garrett Morosky stuck to his fboy roots with his win, revealing he never had any feelings for Sarah and was content to take the money home and leave her in the dust. Unfortunately for him, the money was instead given to a charity of Sarah's choice.

After his win, Morosky has kept in touch with the HBO Max series producers and decided to spend his time at Limbro during season 2. A recent trailer for episode four even suggests he'll find his way onto the main island.

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