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Fans React To Taylor Armstrong Joining RHOC

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:45 AM

Taylor Armstrong is joining RHOC in a "friend of" role. Fans have heard the news, and they're making their opinions heard across social media.

Taylor Armstrong, originally from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, will join The Real Housewives of Orange County in a "friend of" role for season 17, and fans are weighing in on the news. The RHOBH favorite recently appeared in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2, where many fans enjoyed her presence. Now, she'll be back on screens in a main franchise show again.

Taylor was a major presence on RHOBH for the first six seasons. She was a main cast member from seasons one to three, and a guest from installments three to six. Her first few years on RHOBH were plagued with personal drama, as viewers watched her marriage fall apart and the aftermath of her husband, Russell Armstrong, taking his own life. Years later, Taylor found new love, and it seems like she's ready to jump back into the reality television world.


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Taylor's move to RHOC makes her the first housewife to switch franchises. It's a big shift, but given Taylor's physical relocation to Orange County (not to mention her small foray back into the reality television world, via RHUGT), it seems she is ready. Most fans across the Internet are thrilled to hear it. Reddit user fancypeppers broke the news in The Real Housewives subreddit, and many fans chimed in, sharing their opinions about Taylor. “I'm kinda pumped for it honestly,” fancypeppers said.

This isn't the only big news out of the RHOC universe. It was recently confirmed that ex-OC housewife Tamra Judge would also be making her return to the show. Tamra was a part of the recent RHUGT season, and fans really want to see the two of them communicating again. "It will be interesting with Tamara coming back and Taylor joining. They seemed to get along well on the girls trip," Reddit user jennifersb66 said, "And they have both matured from when they were in the show before. I wonder how Taylor and Heather [Dubrow] will get along since Heather assumes she is queen B in charge."

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Meanwhile, Redditor Pecannutty thinks that Taylor joining RHOC will allow her to have a redemption arc, considering the rough time she had on RHOBH"I think this will be the first time we can see if she’s actually a good housewife because she’s got a fresh start," Pecannutty said. "Her time on BH was hectic and I don’t think she ever got the chance to just relax and film and then UGT, she got sucked back into the past straight away so again, I don’t really think it’s a true reflection."

Overall, it seems like fans are looking forward to seeing Taylor Armstrong back on their screens, this time in The Real Housewives of Orange County. Taylor will be tasked with getting to know a brand new group of women, and it could possibly even lead to her getting a full-time role on the show. Taylor has already become friendly with Tamra, who is also returning, which means that she should fit in well, right from the get-go.

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Sources: fancypeppers/Reddit, jennifersb66/Reddit, Pecannutty/Reddit

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