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Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney's 10 Best Outfits

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  • Posted on 15th May, 2022 19:00 PM

Cassie goes through a bit of a style evolution throughout Euphoria, but she always looks good thanks to Sydney Sweeney's fashion sense.

Sydney Sweeney plays Cassie, a girl who constantly looks for love, in HBO's Euphoria. Though she may be misguided when it comes to finding romance, the girl knows how to style an outfit that mirrors how she is feeling at any given moment.

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Cassie's season 2 style has undergone some pretty drastic changes, but she still keeps her soft glam look throughout most of the series. All that being said, she has had many awesome outfits that prove how much of a style icon she really is. Cassie is seemingly just as fashionable as Sweeney is outside of the show.

Dressed To Impress McKay

This is one of the first outfits that audiences see Cassie in and, even though it's not a spectacle of an outfit, it shows her own personal style really well. Not only does it incorporate her most worn colors- pink, blue and white, but it also keeps a little bit of an edge to it with her sneakers.


Cassie doesn't fully commit to a fully feminized outfit and the more casual shoes make more sense with her laid back personality in season 1. It's clear that she wants to get McKay's attention, but she doesn't go as far as changing her style for him. Not to mention, the velvet fabric of the dress makes it look extra comfortable.

Twinning With Maddie

Twinning with Maddy unintentionally was not Cassie's best moment, but the matching two-piece set looked amazing on her and it was cool to see her try to embody her best friend's style. Obviously, it's not her own personal style even though she and Maddy are the same in many ways, but her over-the-top makeup and confidence make up for that.

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Sadly, this is not the best outfit because it is her own physical projection of her need to be liked. She looks happy, but it's only because she thinks becoming someone she's not will get her more romantic attention than her normal clothing. Even the teal color is out of Cassie's comfort zone.

Cassie's Pink Party Dress

Cassie's pink dress that she wore to Maddy's birthday party really brings out her ethereal essence. This dress is flowy and has ruffles that emphasize her child-like innocence when it comes to love and her naivety when it comes to her relationship with Nate.

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Unlike in season 1, this outfit has no harsh elements and really focuses on the soft feminine qualities that Cassie exudes. Even though this ensemble is adorable, it's not her best look because she's really only wearing it to please Nate, not herself.

Her Light Pink Swimsuit

Cassie wears this swimsuit in the midst of her affair with Nate and the cutesy style perfectly matches how she's changing for him. That being said, this high-rise swimsuit with a bow is a little bit retro in its design. In a way, it's echoing back to Nate's imagining of a life with Cassie.

All in all, this suit is cute, but her rose-tinted sunglasses add a little bit of a funny element to this outfit. It shows how she's not seeing clearly in terms of her relationship with Nate or in terms of her major friendship with Maddy. She isn't seeing any of the red flags, which, in turn, fits with her sweet and innocent-styled clothing.

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Her Bathtub Dress

This outfit is adorable and, even though she's not wearing it in this shot, Sydney Sweeney has a jean jacket over this dress in an earlier scene, which stays in line with her season 1 fashion choices. She has her ephemeral, feminine look, but with a more casual edge to it.

This spaghetti strap dress and her kitten pumps both scream '90s and early 2000s fashion, which fits with her changing aesthetic really nicely. Cassie's makeup with little crystals also adds more to her outfit and evokes an angelic feeling, which elevates her great fashion sense in Euphoria.

Her Carnival Outfit

Cassie's carnival outfit is subdued but has a little edge. The light blue top with chains accompanied by her royal blue skirt highlights her boldness while still giving her softer elements that compliment her youthful makeup and innocent expressions.

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Again, this style is perfect for her season 1 arc which emphasizes her need to be seen and loved. She doesn't know what's going on with her relationship with McKay and this look shows that she's not dressing for him. The metal in her top shows that she's just a little more guarded than usual.

The Oklahoma Look

This look was probably one of the most controversial in Euphoria season 2 because many fans loved it and others hated it. Though it is a little tacky and western, all the pieces are individually adorable and Cassie's hair has some fluffy and amazing volume to it.

While this western look is completely out of Cassie's ordinary wardrobe, it shows that she doesn't know what Nate sees in her or what he wants from a girl. She does try to feminize her style more with this iconic outfit, but its contrasting patterns overwhelm her.

The Cutout Fuchsia Swimsuit

This swimsuit is Cassie's most iconic season 2 look because she hits rock bottom in it when she throws up in her pool in front of her friends and Nate. The suit itself is cutout and edgy, but it still falls in line with her pink and blue color palette.

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What makes this suit great, however, is the fact that Cassie put it on to be seen and make a statement. Though she does usually unconsciously make clothing choices to get other people to like her, this is one of the few times when she's intentionally made herself the center of attention and it backfired.

How Lexi Sees Cassie's Style

This dress is one of the cutest looks that Cassie puts on, but it's a shame that it's only in one shot. This dress, and a couple of others, are featured here to show how Lexi, who has main character energy, views her sister and her attempts to woo boys through her suggestive, yet sweet-looking style.

Not only does this dress compliment her waist with adorable bows, but it stays in line with Cassie's earlier fashion choices because it has cutouts that give it an edgier look. Overall, it's clear that this outfit should have had more screen time.

The Cowgirl Costume

This outfit is iconic because it encapsulates how Cassie sees herself when she is feeling empowered. She is sexy in a lacy blue bra and cow-print skirt, but what makes this outfit so iconic for her is that she wore it more for herself than anyone else.

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Of course, she was dating McKay while wearing this outfit, but its boldness is something that Cassie has lost a bit of in season 2. Her eyeshadow and confident walk down the stairs in this ensemble is show-stopping and altogether one of her most original looks. Not to mention, this is one of her most cosplayed looks.

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