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Dragon Ball's Gohan Unlocks His Full Power in Ultimate Fanart Tribute

Dragon Ball's Gohan Unlocks His Full Power in Ultimate Fanart Tribute Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 16:14 PM

With the recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fan art of Gohan in his most powerful transformation has already started to appear.

Son of the legendary Saiyan warrior Goku, Gohan has been a fan favorite character for decades in the Dragon Ball community. Part of why fans find themselves so endeared to Dragon Ball’s golden child is the long and excruciating path to power Gohan faced on his journey from a whiny kid to a strong and compassionate man. One Dragon Ball fan’s art depicts the pinnacle of this growth, showcasing Gohan in his base form and with his potential fully unleashed as Beast Gohan.

Gohan was first introduced in Dragon Ball chapter 196 as Goku’s son to the utter shock of everyone gathered on Master Roshi’s island. Despite his humble beginnings, it was quickly revealed that Gohan possessed an incredible strength unbeknownst to everyone around him. This strength continued to aid Gohan throughout his trials and tribulations as a youth forced into the world of martial arts. As he grew as a fighter, his strength and potential rose dramatically until even Goku realized that Gohan would one day surpass every other martial artist. Goku’s theory was proven right at the Cell Games, when for the first time a glimpse of Gohan’s true power could be seen during the reveal of his Super Saiyan 2 form. As he grew older, Gohan’s wild and sadistic tendencies when enraged began to wane, as did his power until recently when his ultimate potential was finally put on full display.


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In a pair of Instagram posts, artist Bakarott manages to capture a piece of that journey from Gohan’s meager base form to his much wilder and untamed Beast Gohan form, first revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Gohan as a character has always had trouble bottling up his emotions and managing everyone's expectations for him as a fighter, and the resulting weakness in his base form is a product of that. His Beast Gohan form, however, is almost the complete opposite and is very much reminiscent of Super Saiyan 2 in its wilder and untamed battle tendencies.

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Beast Gohan is almost exactly the same concept as Super Saiyan 2. It’s a version of Gohan released by rage from seeing his friends harmed, and it gives him a much more sadistic and cocky personality. Additionally it was also used to defeat Cell Max, mirroring Super Perfect Cell’s defeat at the hands of Gohan decades ago. Though the Beast Gohan form may be lacking in originality, it does do its job of encapsulating and underscoring what sets Gohan apart from the other Z-Warriors. This art of Gohan in his ultimate transformation serves as a reminder of just how strong the gulf in power is between a Gohan fighting his own instincts, and one that gives into them.

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Gohan has never looked better than with Beast Gohan’s menacing appearance, complete with white hair and red eyes, much like the original draft for Super Saiyan. The artist Bakarott draws a direct comparison between his weakest and strongest forms to show viewers just how far Gohan has really come throughout his decades of martial arts in the Dragon Ball saga.

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