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Doctor Who: 10 Best YouTube Channels For Fans

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 13:14 PM

The 13th doctor's final adventure may be coming soon, but some might want to check out these YouTube channels.

Whovians will soon say goodbye to Jodie Whitaker as the eccentric and upbeat 13th Doctor as she will go up against the sinister Master. But fans will also be treated to Ncuti Gatwa as the next actor who will play the iconic British sci-fi character.

Until those episodes are finally released, many fans can enjoy several YouTube channels that have dedicated themselves to a variety of videos. From theories from classic episodes to fan movies, each of these should keep Doctor Who fans entertained for a while.


10 Babel Colour

Paying homage to the early actors who played The Doctor, BabelColour released his first video 15 years ago. Since then, they have produced videos that have been dedicated to the numerous actors and characters who have appeared throughout the series.

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What made BabelColour's channel so interesting is the variety of sources and types of content that they have created. From tribute videos to actors who passed away as reported in the pages of the Doctor Who Magazine to trailers for fan movies, it certainly has plenty for people to check out.

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9 Clever Dick Films

Created by Richard D. Carrier, this teacher used the video streaming platform to express his passion for the series. Creating in-depth videos, he dives into the different eras of the series with detailed reviews and a range of topics like overlooked companions.

While it's been a few months since the last video, the long-running time makes up for the absence of work. The differing lengths might not be to everyone's taste, but there's no denying that fans might learn a thing or two from this teacher and Clever Dick Films.

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8 Mr. Tardis

The 12-year-old channel has seen plenty of videos and live streams that have dived into the world of Doctor Who and news associated with the iconic series. Using his creativity, he even tried to make trending content with Daleckcember and top ten lists.

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Putting himself in front of the camera, his presentation and detailed discussion with his subscribers make these videos more entertaining for his deep dives into each season. And he continues to produce content for Mr. Tardis, although he has explored other shows now and again.

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7 FiveWhoFans

While the YouTube channel, FiveWhoFans, may have ended two years ago with its final video, that hasn't stopped it from being fun and entertaining for fans. The five geeks that made up the channel have reviewed various iconic episodes,  even making some comedic skits that poke fun at the tropes of the series.

Taking on the detailed and convoluted world the series has created, their friendship and chemistry shine through. There are plenty of light-hearted and comedic discussions that have made it an entertaining channel. Maybe if they stuck together longer, they could have anticipated the elements of the 60th-anniversary episode.

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6 Who Chaser

Not all Doctor Who channels solely focus on discussions and in-depth reviews. Some have managed to find success with their creativity and love for the franchise.

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Who Chaser is no exception, as Dom cosplays the various Doctors throughout the history of each incarnation, which has led him to create his audio series named Doctor Who: Remnants, which he wrote and performed himself. And in-between his creative process, he also expresses his emotions about the series too.

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5 DW2012

Doctor Who cosplayer Dom from Who Chaser would make another appearance on a different YouTube channel, but this time it would be as a starring role thanks to being one of the best Doctor Who cosplayers. DW2012 would see him in the lead role of a series of low-budget fan movies.

With several series made up of several episodes, this is certainly one of the more creative and different YouTube channels for Whovians to check out As fans wait for the newest episodes of the BBC production, this is defiantly an entertaining way to fill in the time.

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4 Harbo Wholmes

There are several YouTube channels already that have been dedicated to theories and discussions about this hit sci-fi series. But Harbro Wholmes can make something different in this crowd of channels and makes it one of the standouts.

Presenting a question for each video, they attempt to answer them after analyzing and presenting the information they have researched and collected. And with an approximate 30-minute length for each one, they are an easy and entertaining view too.

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3 Dalek 63.88

The series has seen many villains come and go as they stand in the way of the Doctor to destroy space and time. But easily the most iconic is the Daleks, who have been re-introduced to new generations throughout the many episodes, some of which have influenced the entire franchise.

This group of terrorizing aliens has captured the imagination of one person and inspired them to create Dalek 63.88 which goes behind the scenes of the props and production that bought them to life. It's not also a good YouTube channel for fans, it is also a great series about filmmaking and what went into producing television shows between the 1960s and 1980s.

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2 Josh Snares

When it comes to fans, one of the biggest is easily Josh Snares. Setting up his channel in 2009, he has made a wide variety of videos from reviews to diving into the history of the show.

But what makes it stand out is the way he has used his creativity to try and bring new visual flair to existing pieces of work. Among them is the audio dramas that he animated that not also bought multiple Doctors teaming up together on the screen, but even made a video about how he animated these clips that have made it a stand out that is worth subscribing to.

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1 The Who Addicts

While on the screen it might initially seem like yet another channel that dives into the theories of the show and reviews of various episodes, each video is more different than the last. And it's this variety and shifts from different episodes that make it stand out.

But they also dive into the history of iconic aliens and the characters featured throughout the show, giving anyone from die-hard fans to newcomers a chance to share their love for Doctor Who with The Who Addicts. And with one video being different from the last, it's certainly worth subscribing to, even if it's just to learn the history behind the reign of the Cybermen or how the Daleks threatened the universe.

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