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Cinco Holland & Azah Awasum Interview: The Challenge USA

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  • Posted on 04th Aug, 2022 23:14 PM

The Challenge: USA's Cinco Holland Jr. and Azah Awasum team up for this week's challenge. The two share their thoughts on losing the elimination.

This week's swimming challenge did not go so well with Love Island's Cinco Holland Jr. and Big Brother alum Azah Awasum in The Challenge: USA. The competitors had to dive into murky waters to retrieve puzzle pieces and swim back ashore multiple times. Unfortunately, Azah was a weak swimmer and it took her and Cinco a long time to gather all their pieces.

Although Azah struggled to finish the last lap, she didn't give up and Cinco gave her the encouragement she needed. The duo was neck and neck with Survivor winner Sarah Lacina and The Amazing Race star Leo Temory, but unfortunately, Azah and Cinco lost against them. They were defeated, but they still had their heads in the game and tried to play it smart.


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The daily challenge winners Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot tried to get a read on who Cinco and Azah wanted to go against in the elimination. However, Cinco didn't want to lay out all his cards, as he didn't trust his ex-girlfriend, Cashay. In a surprising twist, Tyson and Cashay threw in Sarah and Leo, causing the Survivor winner to be furious at her former castmate. The elimination challenge had both teams fumbling in the dark, but in the end, Sarah and Leo were victorious.

Screen Rant: How did you feel about being paired up with each other? Were you close in The Challenge house?

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Cinco: Azah, that’s my girl right here. That’s my queen. So I was like, we got partners, I was excited. I was like, okay cool, hopefully, it’s not a swimming challenge but other than that we’re good, we Gucci.

Azah: Yeah we’re friends outside of the house and we were friends before we got in The Challenge house so we were excited to be paired together as long as it wasn’t a swimming challenge. It was quite known throughout the house that I could not swim. We were just hoping it wouldn’t be a swimming challenge but for the most part we were happy to be paired together.

It seemed like you two laid low in the house and didn’t get involved in a lot of politicking. What was your strategy going into the game?

Azah: So for me, how I kind of get through games, what’s best for me in the way that I feel good about myself and feel good about what I’ve done is I do purposely lay low. I tend to focus more on my social relationships and make sure I have good genuine relationships with people, that people wouldn’t want to put me in or wouldn’t want to throw me in and I just go with that instead of just going into gameplay. I kind of adapt to the gameplay that’s given to me. I took that same approach here. I hadn’t prepared before coming in so I just wanted to lay low and not be seen as a threat and hopefully sweep my way to the final.

Cinco: I just wanted to come in and win. I wanted to make new friends and make new acquaintances, and new teams, and new shows, because I didn’t really know anybody going in. Obviously, I knew Azah and I knew Tiff, but from other shows, that was kind of about it. I wanted to get to know the Survivor people, the Amazing Racers because it would be important to know later on partnership-wise, their strengths, weaknesses. Just get to know everybody and lay low until I needed to make a big move myself for my game and try to stay out of the drama as much as possible. It’s hard with your ex in there but I did the best I could.

Let’s talk about the daily challenge. That water was brown. What were your thoughts about jumping into that murky water?

Cinco: Honestly at that point, my head space was like, this is ridiculous but I gotta do it to win. I got a partner who depends on me, I’m depending on her so I’m like, "F it." We’re going to do what we gotta do, we’re going to swim the best as we can and try our best not to get last, try our best at this challenge.

Azah: I was disgusted. I told myself, I willed myself to keep on going but I was quite surprised that it passed the health inspection.

Cinco: I was super sick after that too. I was throwing up…all that. It had to have been something from that water.

Azah, it looked like you were really struggling in the end. What gave you the motivation to give it that final push?

Azah: You know, I’m not a quitter. And you know, when you're in these challenges and you're with a partner, you don’t want to feel completely responsible for the demise...for the failure of you two. And I did want to give up, I felt like throwing in the towel in that instant but at that moment in time, I’m not playing for myself. I’m playing for Cinco as well too. I didn’t want to have any regrets feeling that I didn’t put my entire all.

When you had that meeting with Tyler and Cash, do you think that not saying who you wanted to go against hurt you in the long run?

Cinco: Honestly, it helped in the long run. If Tyson threw in another Survivor, they can blame it all on Tyson. It had nothing to do with us. It was his decision, it was Cash’s decision so that would be strictly on them. That’s what me and Azah was talking about. We were doing it for the long run. Also we had people we had rather go against but at the same time I feel like that was a better play for the long run.

Cinco, what made you not trust Cash?

Cinco: It was a lot going on, a lot of things being said about me that weren’t true, a lot of rumors being spread that weren’t true. A lot of people were kind of scared to be around me or talk to me because of the situation going on between me and her, so it’s like, if you’re not talking to somebody and you hear about things, it’s kind of hard to have trust in them. Especially in a game like this. There’s no bad blood. I have nothing against her, but in a game like that you kind of want to work with people you trust.

Now that you’re not in the game anymore, can you share who you wanted to go against?

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Azah: Yeah, well we actually felt like a good match for us would be Alyssa and David, but we didn’t feel comfortable going forward with that information being that that’s somebody from [Big Brother] and it wouldn't look good on me if I’m saying I want to go against someone in my own alliance after just taking out someone in our alliance the week beforehand. So we kind of felt it was better for us to keep our mouths shut and let them make the decision so we wouldn’t have any blood on our hands.

Leo and Sarah had a completely different strategy for the elimination challenge. Did you have a strategy going in or did you just wing it?

Cinco: We kind of had a strategy. It was kind of similar to theirs. They used numbers, we used letters, basically like shirt sizes small, medium, large, extra large. We kind of wanted to do it like, this will be quick, this is the first four, come out, put the first four down. Go the next four, put those four down. We got in there, kind of got flustered and kind of forgot where we were at. Then, we were trying to feel them, it was hard because we didn’t get a prerequisite of how they felt before, which we should have. And it’s just super dark in there. It was just kind of hard to feel them out in the first place. So we had a strategy, it didn’t really go as well as we thought it was going to go. We still did our best. We were kind of starting to get it at the end but it was too late.

It looked like you guys were in the dark container when TJ blew the air horn. Did you hear it from inside and is that when you realized you lost?

Azah: Yeah we heard it from inside. Yup, we heard it from inside.

Cinco: (Smiling) I just hate losing. That’s all it is. It’s all good.

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