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Big Brother: What Crazy Game Twist Julie Chen Moonves Would Love To See

Big Brother: What Crazy Game Twist Julie Chen Moonves Would Love To See Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:29 AM

Longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves names the crazy game twist she would love to see on a future season. This twist has never been done.

Every season of Big Brother brings a new surprise, and longtime host Julie Chen Moonves has a unique game twist in mind that she would love to see on the show. Being the host of the competition series for so many years, Julie has seen all of the twists that have come and gone. Some were hits among fans, while others did not go over as well with viewers.

Unlike most seasons of Big Brother, season 24 has already had two twists so far. Initially, the twist of the season was supposed to be the Backstage Pass twist. While it kicked off on night one, the twist quickly came to an end after Paloma Augliar self-evicted from the game. Because she left the game early, the first eviction of the summer was canceled, and so was the Backstage Pass twist. The following week, the Festie Besties twist was added to the game, in which all of the houseguests are paired up in duos.


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Although production manages to come up with a brand new twist each and every summer, there is one game twist that Julie Chen has in mind that has not been done yet. According to EW, the longtime Big Brother host would love to see a season of "Hotties vs. Mommies." Julie explained that with this potential twist, a group of "hotties," or extremely attractive individuals, would enter the house first. These players would be checking each other out, and thinking about becoming parts of the next Big Brother showmance. Then, the house would be turned upside down, when each of the "hotties" moms entered the house. The group of attractive individuals would be forced to play the game alongside their mothers.

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Essentially, by putting a group of "hotties" inside the secluded house with all of their moms, the potential drama surrounding any showmances would heighten. Before, it was hard enough to have a showmance without risking your game. Now, they have to worry about being caught by their moms. In addition to this, contestants would be forced to play an even dirtier game, as they would be competing against their own moms. Or, if an alleged ally turns on their mom or offspring, the game can get even messier really fast. While there have been a lot of Big Brother twists that fans hated, this might actually be one that they enjoy watching.

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While Julie compared this potential game twist to that of season 4's exes twist, this one is less likely to actually happen. Unfortunately, it would be very hard for moms and their children to not tell each other they are leaving for three months to compete inside the Big Brother house. The only way this twist would be possible is if the mom and children duos are estranged and do not speak to each other regularly. This would be similar to when Daniele Donato and her dad Evel "Dick" Donato competed together. Although there may be some tweaks and changes needed, Julie may be onto something with this potential Big Brother twist.

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Source: EW

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