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Big Brother 24: The Remaining Houseguests, Ranked By Strategic Ability

Big Brother 24: The Remaining Houseguests, Ranked By Strategic Ability Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:45 AM

Big Brother players often talk a big game, saying they came to play and win, but only a select few actually employ strategies that back up the claims.

style="font-weight: 400;">Big Brother winners have run the gamut. They range from highly strategic to players with great social games, ones who formed tight alliances, and even floaters who flew under the radar most of the game, only to emerge right when it counted most.

In Big Brother 24, players of all types have emerged. And while being the most strategic player doesn’t always translate to a win, especially when that strategy is recognized and targeted by others, it does suggest houseguests who came to play and are doing their best to win.


12 Terrance

Terrance, the oldest member in the house, hasn’t been seen on the televised episodes doing much strategizing with anyone. While he felt he was making a good strategic move by deciding to join the Monte and Joseph Festie Bestie group, he was completely unaware that they simply wanted him to join so he could be the easy choice to vote out if they were ever put on the block.

 Terrance has positioned himself as a possible swing vote going forward, which could be a strategy in and of itself. The person with the swing vote wields a lot of power. But this doesn’t seem like an intentional strategy, just more a position he may unwittingly find himself in.

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11 Indy

Indy has made waves in the house and rubbed a few people the wrong way. She has been vocal about her positions, including believing that if they don’t get Taylor out, she will go on to win the whole competition. But she hasn’t tried to orchestrate any moves to do just that.

Indy doesn’t seem to have much of a strategy on her own and simply goes with the flow based on what the other people she trusts in the house want to do, like Alyssa and Jasmine. If Indy has a strategy for her game, it is yet to be revealed. It’s for this reason that she is ranked by Reddit users as one of the least likely to win Big Brother 24

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10 Jasmine

Jasmine has tried to be strategic in the game, at first aligned with most of the girls in hopes of being part of the strongest all-female alliance in Big Brother history. But that evaporated quickly. She is friendly with others in the house but has also gained the reputation of being the type of person who gossips.

Jasmine has not been able to participate in physical competitions due to an ankle injury early in the game, which has also made stealthily getting around the house to strategize with others more difficult. She is open and animated in her diary room sessions about her intent to play the game hard, but that hasn’t materialized into any tangible moves other than getting Pooch out of the game.

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9 Alyssa

Alyssa doesn’t appear to have much of a strategy at all, focusing more on her attraction to Kyle. While she might think she has an alliance of some kind with him, he might continue to be loyal to the alliance he virtually started, and that doesn’t include her.

She has formed tight bonds with some of the girls, but Indy has proven to be a loose cannon, which has reflected poorly on her bestie Alyssa. She may skate by as a “floater,” which in and of itself could be a strategy. But not rocking the boat and quietly bringing taken to the end is rarely rewarded as a respected strategy.

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8 Brittany

Brittany has been trying to strategize but hasn’t been successful in any of her attempts. She made a mistake in the first week, only saved because Paloma chose to leave the game. She hitched herself to Michael as her “ride or die,” completely unaware that he is not as loyal to her as she is to him.

With that said, she did try and make strategic decisions, such as trying to get Monte to leave Indy and Alyssa on the block so Indy could join her Festie Bestie pair. Her logic was that Indy could be the pawn they could send home should they ever end up on the block. She might not be the most strategic, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Interestingly, fans still think Brittany is one of the houseguests ranked most likely to win Big Brother 24.

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7 Joseph

Joseph seems to be having a good time in the house, avoiding conflict with others, and simply spending time in the gym, by the pool, in the kitchen, or hanging out with his alliance members. But pay close attention and fans will realize he’s far more strategic than they realize.

Joseph, for example, is the one who explained to Monte and the others that they would need to figure out a way to turn the other side of the house against Nicole without revealing they were working together. He suggested they use one of the other players to spread the message instead of one of them doing it, and Jasmine became the obvious choice.

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6 Daniel

Daniel initially appeared to be one of the more strategic players, especially given that he is a superfan of the show. He and Kyle were easily one of the Festie Bestie pairs on Big Brother 24 with the highest likelihood to last. But he made one of the biggest strategic errors in the game when he became a victim of unintended reverse psychology and decided to take Alyssa and Indy off the block simply because he thought Monte didn’t want him to.

This proved Daniel might be overthinking things in the game. Nonetheless, with his best friend in the house Nicole gone, it’s likely Daniel will find a way to weave his way back into the fabric of the house again. He’s a strategic player who will have something to prove after the big blunder he made.

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5 Taylor

Taylor has been the cat with nine lives, as many other houseguests call her, being on the block week after week and surviving every time. While she doesn’t appear to have much of a strategy, it’s clear she has no choice going forward but to figure out a plan that will keep her around for the long haul.

It could very well be her strategy, however, to leverage the sympathy of her alliance. Taylor hasn’t had it easy in the game, yet she has been willing to do what needs to be done for the sake of her secret alliance. Yet she cleverly manages to do so without willingly volunteering herself to go up as a pawn and in fact, outright objecting to it. In the end, Taylor will be able to use this to her advantage, noting that she had to fight every week for her place in the game while others idly sat by and watched.

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4 Turner

The mark of a good Big Brother player is not only a good social game and physical prowess but also being willing to take risks and make big moves. Turner did that early in the game when he decided to do what was best for his game and not just the house and send home a bigger target than Taylor.

He not only remains liked in the house after doing so, and is one of the most likable cast members in Big Brother 24, overall, but he also gained an alliance out of the deal, proving that his plan paid off. His big moves have been respected as a viable strategy, not resented.

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3 Kyle

Kyle comes across as the fun and goofy guy who is just there to have a good time. And while he might not know as much about the game as houseguests like Michael and Daniel, he picks things up quickly. It was Kyle who orchestrated the plan to flip the vote and send Ameerah home. He is also smart enough to take credit for moves in his goodbye messages, something that could earn him votes once it gets to the jury stage.

While Kyle’s game could be derailed by a showmance with Alyssa, he has far more strategic ability than others give him credit for. Case in point is that while most of the other side figured out who was in The Leftovers alliance, it took a while before anyone suspected Kyle was the seventh member.

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2 Monte

Monte initially appeared like the typical jock who would end up in the “popular” dominant alliance and benefit from it. However, he is slowly emerging as a very strategic player. He realizes when there’s a risk, knows when to spread information, and has craftily found his way out of jams.

One of the most impressive moves, for example, was using Nicole’s words against her to not only convince others outside of his alliance to vote her out but to do so without exposing his alliance in the process.

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1 Michael

As a superfan of the show, it’s no surprise that Michael is playing the best, most strategic game. He’s quiet and unassuming, often seen walking into a room just to grab something while important conversations are going on, able to overhear or insert himself into them. He has a final two with Brittany, who isn’t a risk to his game and makes the perfect person to bring to the end with him.

He's part of the dominant alliance and, as he proved several times over, he’s also capable of winning competitions. Michael’s great social and physical game makes for a dangerous combination.

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