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Big Brother: 10 Fakest Things About The Show, According To Cast And Crew

Big Brother: 10 Fakest Things About The Show, According To Cast And Crew Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 06:44 AM

Big Brother's famous slogan is "expect the unexpected," which rings especially true when it comes to what really goes on in the Big Brother house.

The 24th season of Big Brother is moving right along, and yet, every season, fans find themselves wondering about the behind-the-scenes of the show. From the surprise twists in the game to the shocking and brutal fights between houseguests, many viewers find themselves questioning what's real and what's not.

With the CBS show finds itself somewhere in the middle between reality TV and a competitive gaming show, there are many possibilities for what can be heavily scripted and what can be genuine. However, given how much evidence there is on the internet now, some houseguests and journalists have come forward over the years with the inside scoop on what exactly is fake about the show.


10 The Camera Crews Surprising Contestants With A Big Brother Key Is An Act

Every fan is familiar with the organized skit where houseguests are "surprised" with a house key as their announcement for being accepted to be on Big Brother. Between the camera crew already being there and the over-the-top reactions, it's quite clear that this whole thing is staged.

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However, one real aspect of this is that houseguests do have to be prepared to pack and leave last minute, according to Screen Rant. Given how much preparation goes into the show and how anything can happen, players have to be prepared to leave when told, even up to 24 hours before the premiere.

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9 Casting Is Extremely Calculated, Not Random As Advertised

Aside from the fact that the show tries to make the cast as diverse as they can, the people that are cast are very calculated. Not only are producers on a mission to seek the most entertaining people, but they are known for playing into the stereotypes and making houseguests clash with all of their big personalities.

Not only is the casting process extremely strenuous, but producers have hundreds of thousands of auditions to go through. Yet, there have been quite a few instances where producers have gone out of their way to seek unique houseguests instead of picking from the audition pool, like with James Rhine who claimed they found him from Myspace, according to Huffington Post.

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8 The Big Brother House Isn’t An Actual House

One of the biggest questions Big Brother fans have is where this famous house is located. The truth is it's not a house at all, but rather a set built on a CBS lot.

Just like any other fake set on the CBS lot, the house is just a sound stage, making it easier for producers to do their jobs. While fans are always disappointed to discover it's not a real house they can tour, it is all the more impressive that the crew can build such a convincing and stylish space for the houseguests to feel right at home in.

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7 Every Houseguest Gets Paid, Not Just The Winner

There are several ways to win money in the Big Brother house, whether it means winning the game, coming in second place, or being a popular player that wins America's Favorite Houseguest. Though the game is all about competing for the grand prize, not many fans know that all houseguests are paid every week.

According to Women's Health Magazine, houseguests are paid more based on how long players spend in the house. "We’re paid a stipend per week—$1,000 per week—as long as you film," former houseguest Elena Davies discloses.

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6 Producers Are In Charge Of Every Little Thing, Even House Utilities

It's no secret that producers have quite a bit of power when it comes to any reality show, as it is their sole purpose to make sure things run smoothly. However, many fans are unaware of just how much jurisdiction they have over the house and its functions.

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According to the Big Brother contract, as summed up by Reality Blurred, houseguests must agree to understand certain circumstances, including the possibility of "water “rationed” and understand that producers “control all power and other utilities." Additionally, they are allowed to make announcements, withhold any information they want, and even eject houseguests from the game if necessary.

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5 Privacy Isn’t Promised, Even In The Bathroom

While houseguests do not have much privacy in a house with over 100 cameras, most fans aren't aware of just how much can be shown on television. According to Insider, there are even cameras in the bathrooms, though the footage is rarely used on TV and never shown on live feeds.

However, from private conversations to intimate moments between houseguests, there isn't much that's left to the imagination when it comes to what happens in the house. Of course, cameras will shift away from intensely private moments, but there aren't many houseguests who can hide from the plethora of cameras.

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4 Houseguests Are Not Constantly Talking Game Like It Seems

Though the show is edited to appear as if houseguests are constantly talking games with each other, most of the days are spent doing mundane tasks or socializing. While this is a kind of fact that can be assumed, the Big Brother Live Feeds prove this idea, as Paramount+ members can access the house's camera feeds at any given moment.

Aside from the fact that talking game strategy 24/7 for months on end is just not realistic, the game's dynamic encourages players to befriend each other and get along to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This explains why some houseguests leave the game feeling betrayed by their friends, as a lot of the bonding is shown off-camera, though it may seem obvious to viewers what betrayals were happening during the game.

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3 Some Interactions And Game Moves Are Scripted Or Manipulated

It wouldn't be reality TV without structured scenes, despite "reality" being in the name. It has been revealed that a lot of the Diary Room commentary is scripted by production, according to The Cinemaholic, which explains the many cheesy puns and shady comments said by various houseguests.

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In a leaked video, Big Brother UK houseguests were shown going to bed and turning the lights out, only to show the lights come on seconds later as the contestants were given further instructions, according to TV Overmind. If the show even fakes bedtime, fans often wonder what else is faked, as well.

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2 There Are Exceptions To The “No Outside Contact” Rule

Aside from the fact that the Head of Household is allowed letters from home and even emergency messages from home, outside contact is advertised to be strictly prohibited. However, there have been quite a few occasions where houseguests have broken this rule, and production has even let it slide.

According to Huffington Post, entertaining Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Sam Faiers spoke to OK Magazine while inside the Big Brother house. Though many fans suspect she was given special treatment because of her fame, viewers expect this rule to be secretly broken quite a bit, especially in situations where it benefits producers.

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1 It’s Not “Just A Game,” As The Houseguests’ Actions Can Impact Their Real Life

Considering the whole game is about lying and backstabbing to win, it's no wonder why Big Brother can ruin the lives of houseguests once they're out of the house. While some viewers believe it's just a game and no big deal, others believe that it's a testament to the players' true characters.

From former houseguests losing sponsorships due to bullying behavior or jobs being revoked over racial slurs, it's clear that justice will always be served to those who aren't careful with their words. One thing is for sure, and that's that true colors will always shine through and fans believe that karma is real.

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