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Better Call Saul Teases The 1 Person Who Can Stop Gene (It's Not Kim)

Better Call Saul Teases The 1 Person Who Can Stop Gene (It's Not Kim) Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 17:14 PM

Gene Takavic is heading down a dark path in Better Call Saul's final episodes, and only one person can save him. And it isn't Kim Wexler.

Only one person can save Gene Takavic from himself in Better Call Saul, but that cape-wearing guardian angel may not be who you think... With only a scant two episodes remaining, Better Call Saul is balanced on a knife edge. Jimmy has broken bad all over again - this time in Better Call Saul's Gene timeline - and season 6, episode 11 ends with him invading a cancer patient's home to commit robbery despite an obscenely high chance of getting caught. Gene is rapidly careering down a dark path, and Better Call Saul seems destined to conclude in tragic fashion.

At first glance, Kim Wexler seems the obvious candidate to prevent Gene self-destructing. His desperate desire for reconciliation is glaringly obvious, and it's an unsuccessful phone call to Kim that triggers this latest regression into Saul Goodman territory. One gentle word from Gene's ex-wife feels like it would be enough to yank him from the brink... but is Kim really the hero Gene needs? As a married couple, Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler infamously brought the worst out of each other, and the angry phone call in Better Call Saul season 6, episode 11 proves Kim isn't exactly in the mood for gentle words.


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The real savior of Better Call Saul season 6 might actually be Carol Burnett's Marion. Gene targeted Marion as a means of getting to Jeff, but they've struck up a genuinely sweet relationship. Even if Gene's reasons for visiting Marion are a total deception, the respect and fondness between them is very real. But Marion is smart, and when Gene rushes to her house when a scam goes awry, the savvy cat video enthusiast gives a curious look out her kitchen window toward the garage, clearly realizing something is amiss. This telling Better Call Saul shot could foreshadow a coming moment when Marion discovers Gene's real intentions. Facing her reckoning could be the jolt Gene needs to abort his current downward spiral.

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How Marion Could Stop Gene In Better Call Saul

Jimmy McGill's backstory is filled with strong maternal figures. His late brother, Chuck, bitterly remembered the loving relationship between Jimmy and their mother, and it was the younger sibling she called for on her deathbed. As a lawyer, Jimmy then developed strong, meaningful bonds with older female clients like Irene Landry. These maternal relationships have a habit of bringing the best out of Jimmy - like when he backtracks on scamming Irene at the cost of his own reputation. His (very) brief stint practicing elder law also represents the most honest period of Jimmy McGill's career in Better Call Saul. Marion's pleasant disposition and maternal nature is very reminiscent of those positive influences from Jimmy's past, and if anyone can restore his morality this late in Better Call Saul season 6, it's Marion.

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Marion probably wouldn't need to open her mouth to save Gene from a point of no return. If Carol Burnett's character follows through her natural curiosity and realizes Gene has been duping her from the start, the sheer look of disappointment on Marion's face may provide the wake-up call that forces Better Call Saul's prot-antihero to take a long look in the mirror.

Better Call Saul wouldn't actually... hurt Marion, right? A heart-to-heart talk or disappointing glance would probably be enough to prick Gene's conscience, but what if, as a result of his criminal antics, Marion gets caught up as collateral damage in a violent act of retribution, or suffers a heart attack because police raid her home? Surely that would halt Gene Takavic's crime spree, right?

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Better Call Saul continues Monday on AMC.

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