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Better Call Saul: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 20:14 PM

The internet has no shortage of Better Call Saul memes, and plenty of them make hilariously accurate points regarding the hit show.

Whilst audiences are still reeling from Kim's massive decision at the end of "Fun and Games," fans on Reddit continue to create hilarious memes that perfectly sum up everything that Better Call Saul continues to be week by week.

Since the very start of the show, Better Call Saul has been a plentiful source of memes thanks to its lighthearted tone and comedic protagonist. Although the tone of the show has gotten much darker as of late, it remains the source of some of the internet's funniest memes.

Comparisons To Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul has always been compared to Breaking Bad from the very first episode, but many fans are starting to finally agree that the two shows are at least equal in quality. Many fans actually argue that Better Call Saul is even better than Breaking Bad, which leads to plenty of disagreements in the community.


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This meme proves that the comparisons between the two shows will always exist, but it's a testament to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould that they've managed to create such a popular and acclaimed series that manages to rival the quality of what is considered one of the best shows ever made.

Character Development

Saul Goodman was mostly used merely as comic relief in Breaking Bad, and his character was one that was primarily seen as funny and likable. But after seeing exactly how Jimmy McGill turned into Saul Goodman, the character's story is much more of a dark tragedy.

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Many characters were involved in pushing Jimmy to become Saul, but it was ultimately his own decision and the show explains exactly why he chose to change his identity in a thrilling way. It's this kind of rich character development that causes Better Call Saul's extensive fanbase.

Jimmy and Kim's Bond

The relationship between Jimmy and Kim has been the one constant throughout all six seasons of Better Call Saul, and it's overwhelmingly clear that the two love each other despite all their troubles. Kim has always had Jimmy's back, and that was the main factor that lead to her meticulous defamation of Howard Hamlin.

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Season 6 of Better Call Saul has focused pretty heavily on Jimmy and Kim's detailed plan to take down Howard and secure the Sandpiper settlement that they were promised long ago. This meme emphasizes just how corrupt they both are, constantly working together to take down their enemies.

The Cartel Subplot

Much like in Breaking BadBetter Call Saul has several subplots that run parallel to each other at the same time. The main plot of the show has always been Jimmy and Kim's development as characters, but the cartel has consistently been in the background to raise the stakes and create drama.

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This meme points out just how compelling Jimmy and Kim's relationship has been, even in the face of some genuinely thrilling and haunting storylines revolving around Gus and the Salamancas. It proves that it's the many great character arcs that make Better Call Saul so popular, not just the drugs and violence.

The Domino Effect

Although this meme refers specifically to season 6 of Better Call Saul, it portrays a concept that has played a huge role in the show as a whole: the domino effect. Almost all of Saul's tragedies and problems are the results of some small mistake or bad idea that he made in the past, which then spiral out of control and have dire consequences.

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In this way, Better Call Saul is overwhelmingly similar to Breaking Bad. Both Jimmy and Walter White suffer horrible consequences as a result of their selfish decisions. If Jimmy hadn't been greedy with the Sandpiper settlement, much like White was greedy with his drug money, things would never have gone so badly.

Kim's Fate

The fate of fan-favorite character Kim Wexler has always been up in the air (considering she doesn't appear at all in Breaking Bad), so fans have constantly been worried about how her story will come to a close. This meme perfectly encompasses the fear that fans feel every time her character is in danger.

Kim is one of the many characters from Better Call Saul that deserved better, with many of her troubles and problems being a result of the legal cons that she pulled with Jimmy's help. And as the show has made very clear in the past, once you're in 'the game,' you're constantly in danger.

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Predictions For Saul's Future

The final episode of Breaking Bad saw Saul Goodman adopt a new identity and move to Nebraska in order to avoid the consequences of his relationship with Walter White. Throughout Better Call Saul, the show has given glimpses of how Saul's (now Gene's) life is going.

One of the recurring motifs in the flashforwards is Gene being recognized as Saul, primarily by a taxi driver who saw him in the mall. This meme highlights just how eager BCS fans are to theorize about the show's smallest details, suggesting that the taxi driver is nothing more than a misdirection that fans are focusing on.

The Best Legal Drama

Although there are plenty of great legal dramas out there (and this meme names two of the best), it's Better Call Saul that truly deserves to hold the superior position. This popular meme featuring Michael Fassbender proves that many fans feel the same way, praising Better Call Saul as the best legal drama there is.

Many critics also label Better Call Saul as one of TV's greatest lawyer shows of all time, so there's really no excuse to downplay the series' success at this point. It boasts some of the best characters ever created, some genuinely thrilling writing, and some of the most inventive directing on TV.

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Saul's Bizarre Defences

Over the first few seasons of Better Call Saul, the show provided audiences with plenty of entertaining courtroom sequences that really demonstrated just how creative Saul is as a lawyer. He was able to come up with plenty of intelligent but nonsensical defenses that often got his clients off on technicalities.

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This meme highlights this, showing that Saul would often go to unbelievable heights to convince a jury that his client was innocent. '/j' is a shorthand way of letting internet friends know that a message is just a joke, which this meme clearly pokes fun at.

Mike's Guys

There's seemingly no limit to the number of situations that Mike can save Jimmy from simply by calling upon one of his 'guys.' The man has a 'guy' for everything, and this meme perfectly demonstrates just how inexplicably infinite Mike's contact list is.

After Mike began to work for Gus in the later half of Better Call Saul, it can be assumed that his 'guys' were just Gus' workers - but even before his alliance with Gus, Mike seemingly had an infinity source of people to help him out without question.

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