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BeReal: 8 Things To Know About Gen Z's New Favorite App

BeReal: 8 Things To Know About Gen Z's New Favorite App Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 13:14 PM

Seemingly everyone is on the BeReal app, but what is it, how does it work, and why are Gen Z so obsessed with it?

BeReal is a social media app that has risen in popularity among social media aficionados lately. Despite being launched a few years ago, it's gained traction in recent weeks, partly thanks to TikTok, and has become the new popular app for Gen Z.

If you aren't already part of the BeReal hype, the app can seem a little confusing, and there are some important need-to-know facts about the massively successful app to clue you in and help you get started with the new platform.


8 It Sends The Notification At The Same Time, Globally

BeReal prides itself on authenticity. Its main feature is the notification it sends out that gives users a two-minute window to capture what they're doing at that exact moment, using both the front and back camera.

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While users are allowed to post later than the notification and 2-minute window, they won't be able to see others' posts until they upload their own. This often results in starkly different posts, depending on where the users are in the world and what time it is for them.

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7 You Can't Use Filters Or Edit The Photos

Part of the acclaim for the app comes from its lack of filters and editing. The app doesn't have any filters and you're not allowed to import edited photos either, meaning it has to be an authentic capture of that moment. Users can retake the photo up to 1o times, but it alerts their friends to how many times they have retaken the photo before uploading.

Critics have praised the app for this, drawing on the importance of capturing our everyday life the way it is, comparing it directly to Instagram which has been criticized for its filters and face editing before.

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6 The App Was Originally Launched In 2020

However, the initial launch was much more belated than its popularity now. It was obscure for several years, miles off being on any charts or popularity lists.

In the two years since its release, it's climbed to the top 10 downloaded apps on the Apple Store, and is one of the most popular free social networking apps for iPhones, according to SensorTower. After a brief stint circulating college towns and campuses, it's become a staple in most Gen Z-ers daily life and their daily social media consumption.

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5 It Originated In France

Developed by designers Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, the app was initially launched in France. Barreyat was a former employee of the GoPro company (per Yahoo!).

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They have since said that they wanted a social media app that promoted authenticity, and the mundane every day that most people live, in comparison to apps such as Instagram and Twitter which showcase the more extravagant lifestyle. Users and critics have applauded the authenticity and mundanity of life exposed through the app.

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4 Downloads Have Risen Massively This Year

As of July 2022, the app has had over 20 million global installs, a 315 percent increase this year alone. The resurgence began sometime around April, and the app has been continually growing ever since.

It has also gained $30 million in funding thanks to Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest venture capital firms (per Business Insider). The French duo have been promoting the app for years across colleges in the United States, and cite this as some of their reason for success, although the app grew more organically this year than ever before.

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3 You Can Comment And React To Other Users

Although the emphasis is on the photo capturing, users are allowed to interact with their friends and their posts. Users can either comment on their friends' posts or send a "RealMoji," which is a photo taken with the front camera of the user's face.

This has led to several viral videos on TikTok, of users reacting wildly to their friends' posts. The RealMoji feature is arguably one of the most entertaining features, allowing users to see their friends real-time reaction to what they're doing at that specific moment.

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2 There Are No Adverts Or Follower Counts

Part of BeReal's attraction for many of Gen Z is the lack of adverts. The app doesn't display any ads on its interface, a refreshing break from other social media apps.

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Additionally, there are no follow counts displayed. The marketing team from BeReal have stated that "BeReal won't make you famous" because of the lack of influence (via The Verge). Instead, it focuses on showing friends snapshots of users' daily lives, removing the influencer status altogether on the app.

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1 There's A Discovery Section

As with most successful social media apps, BeReal also features a discovery section. This allows users to see other posts from around the world, as long as the person has their privacy settings unlocked.

It provides an interesting glimpse into how the rest of the world lives their daily life, and what they might be doing at the same time. As with everything else on the app, it does a good job of promoting the mundanity of the world, and how most people aren't doing over-the-top things every single day.

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