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Batman Learned He's Like Joker in the Darkest Way Possible

Batman Learned He's Like Joker in the Darkest Way Possible Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:14 AM

In a shocking turn of events, Batman discovered how similar he is to the Joker by helping plan the Clown Prince of Crime's latest criminal endeavor.

As much as he may despise the Joker's twisted and devious mind, Batman accidentally revealed he's a lot more like his archenemy than he thought. In an unexpected twist, the Dark Knight nearly helped Joker pull off a crime by leading him to the perfect opportunity.

Batman and Joker have a dynamic that goes back further than most hero and villain relationships. Since he first entered Bruce Wayne's life, the Joker has been a consistent thorn in Batman's side. Whether terrorizing Gotham with his sociopathic sense of humor or attacking the Bat-Family directly, Joker can't help but torment his foe. Batman has fought Joker to success every time the clown has emerged from the shadows, but it isn't enough for the hero to be reactive. To truly keep the Joker contained, Batman has had to put himself in his enemy's shoes and think exactly as the Clown Prince of Crime would.


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But that might not always be a good thing. In Harley Quinn #25 by Karl Kesel and Craig Rousseau, the Dark Knight has drafted Harley Quinn to help him draw out his greatest enemy. Harley does manage to find the Joker but double crosses Batman to help out her Puddin.’ Joker decides to trick Batman by plying him with false clues in the form of pointless jokes. Despite the Joker's misinformation, the hero does manage to put something together out of Joker's wild goose chase. Based on the clues Joker has provided, Batman believes that the clown is set to attack a novelty gag salesmen convention, something the Joker thinks is actually a good idea. It isn't until the three collide at the convention that Harley spells it out to Batman that he was the one who plotted the Joker's latest scheme.

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While the Dark Knight might be shocked, most readers shouldn’t be. Batman and the Joker have often been interpreted as two sides of the same coin. Given Batman's long history with his foe, it comes as no surprise he's able to think in the same twisted way as his archenemy. But the fact that Bruce cooks up the perfect criminal plot for the Joker is something that should chill him to the bone.

Is it possible that all the time Batman’s spent hunting the Joker has altered the Dark Knight’s own mind? They say that when fighting monsters, one must be careful of not becoming a monster themselves. In trying to keep Gotham safe, Batman has fought the Joker in many different ways, even stepping into the Joker's shoes to try and think like the sinister villain. But those sorts of methods can't be healthy and trying to think like the Joker is just asking for trouble. Batman looked at a random pattern and by adopting his foe's deviant mind, he formed a plot that the Joker approved of. It might have been in the name of justice, but it showed that the two enemies aren't that different after all. Being able to brew up a Joker-approved plan should be more than enough to give Batman serious pause.

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