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Batgirl Movie Photo Shows Michael Keaton’s Batman With Barbara

Batgirl Movie Photo Shows Michael Keaton’s Batman With Barbara Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 14:14 PM

Following the movie's surprising cancelation, a new Batgirl movie photo shows Michael Keaton's Batman with Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace) on set.

A new Batgirl movie photo shows Michael Keaton's Batman with Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon on set. Warner Bros. and DC Films spent the last few years developing a solo movie for Batgirl that would be directed by Bad Boys for Life's Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The film brought In the Heights star Grace aboard to play the DC hero, while it was also revealed Michael Keaton's Batman would return thanks to The Flash's multiverse story in the DCEU. Despite the excitement for the project, Warner Bros. Discovery made the shocking decision this week to cancel Batgirl and not release the movie either on HBO Max or in theaters.


There has been a lot of fallout as a result of Batgirl's cancellation, which came due to Warner Bros. Discovery's strategic shift to only make DC movies for release in theaters. One of the expected outcomes has been those involved with the movie, such as its cast and crew, opening up about the news and their time on the project. The directing duo known as Adil & Bilall issued a formal response to the Batgirl movie's sudden cancellation the day after news broke, while star Leslie Grace waited a little longer to address it, expressing her gratitude and love for her fellow Batgirl team.

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Now that Warner Bros. Discovery has officially shelved the DC film, Adil El Arbi has provided an official look at Keaton's Batman return in Batgirl. The director shared an image on his Instagram story of himself on set and standing between Grace and (presumably) Keaton in their Batgirl and Batman costumes. The context of the scene is not known, but it does provide a tease of how Batgirl was meant to bring Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne together.

Even though it was confirmed that Keaton's Batman would appear in Batgirl, this marks the first official look at the actor in the now-cancelled movie. There were plenty of Batgirl set photos during production that teased his Batman suit, but the film did a great job of keeping his scenes more protected and under wraps. Whereas Grace's Batgirl suit was officially revealed before unofficial set photos began circulating online, Keaton's Batman return did not receive a similarly major reveal. It now seems that the movie's cancelation is what has allowed the Batgirl director to share an image he otherwise would not have.

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There are plenty of reasons why many are disappointed that Batgirl will never be released, and seeing Keaton's Batman again is a significant one. Audiences will still see the actor again in The Flash, but whether or not Keaton will return beyond that in the DCEU is unclear. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom already seemingly replaced him with Ben Affleck's Batman return, and there are also talks of the DCEU rebooting entirely. In any case, it now seems that this Batgirl image of Keaton's Batman and Grace's Barbara Gordon will be the closest the two ever come to crossing paths.

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Source: Adil El Arbi

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