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Animal Crossing: 10 Best Dream Islands You Can Visit Right Now

Animal Crossing: 10 Best Dream Islands You Can Visit Right Now Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 05:13 AM

Animal Crossing has allowed players to make dream islands, and these islands are a cut above the rest with their uniqueness and details.

A new month means new updates and additions to Animal Crossing: New Horizonsmaking it the perfect time for new players to start an island or veteran players to return to making their island thrive. With so many new items, now is the time for players to start making their islands the best they can be and establish their island as a hot Dream Island destination for players who love to view luxury islands while getting some rest.

Dream Islands often gain attention for their over-the-top designs or themes that match popular shows and movies, where fans can hunt for Easter eggs.


Skull Isle

Even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hailed as one of the most comforting video games, expert designers have found a way to make their islands dark and spooky.

Skull Isle uses stone elements to create a gothic castle vibe across the island but also has perfectly placed fire elements that highlight the intricate designs on the ground. Instead of keeping fossils in the museum, this designer used the bones as decor, which ups the spooky factor and provides a unique design that not many islands have.

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Pigu was created to mimic the most iconic elements of Disneyland and may be one of the most accurate Disney-themed Dream Islands around. The island not only has lines with a wait time similar to the park, but players can actually "ride" Animal Crossing versions of the rides the designer has made.

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The main parts of the island utilize the same design elements as Main Street USA in the Disney park, making it feel even more authentic. Any Disney fan will want to save this dream code so they can revisit the island when they miss being in the actual Disney parks.


Fairycore-themed islands are common for Dream Islands on ACNH, but few utilize the seasonal weather to make their worlds more mystical. Opalshore not only uses snow but twinkling elements that make players feel like they are in a world apart from not only reality but their islands, even if they share a similar theme.

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This island's layout isn't overly complicated, which is suitable for players looking to get design ideas or take fun screengrabs for their photo collection. This island's lack of extremely expensive Animal Crossing items is also endearing and keeps the island feeling homey and somewhere players want to stay.


Valkryie ranks among the reasons to return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for players who haven't played in a while. The island uses a unique style of terraforming that makes players feel like they are floating on small islands rather than one large one in the water.

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The atmosphere is both whimsical and magical and immerses players with the option to dawn a wizard outfit to help them match the island. Valkyrie encourages players to take on a quest rather than walk around, which adds to the appeal.


Some Animal Crossing players have refused to use the children's toys in their island designs, while others have built their whole islands around the child-like aesthetic; Dollhouse is one of these islands. Upon entering the island, fans are surrounded by pink florals and pastels galore.

Toys and treat elements make the world feel like a schoolhouse fantasy, with every item having a purpose. The creator was heavily inspired by singer Melanie Martinez when making this island which is apparent by the design choices and the way villagers are dressed on the island.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizon has many autumnal activities for players to partake in, and some designers were so inspired by these activities that they designed whole islands around the season. Moon is a suburban island that feels more like a neighborhood in a movie than a fantasy island.

The design utilizes paths and roads to make everything feel cozy and homey. The number of details throughout the yards and orchards will make any player envious and want to redesign their island to look just as aesthetically pleasing.


For players looking for a slice of life within Animal Crossing, there is Paradisia. Many designers do not utilize the sea-side design since there are so many fantastical options for builders to choose from that make their islands genuinely dreamlike.

The practical use of cars is a unique touch that makes the island look move-in ready for new villagers and visitors. This creature used a lot of custom designs that make the area more zen and relaxing for stressed-out players to enjoy.

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Smoosh Island

Even though the island's name may be deceiving, this location is all about Harry Potter. Smoosh Island utilizes places fans will recognize from the films, which have been recreated to the best of the creature's abilities. One of the most impressive parts of the island is the recreation of Honey Duke's, where visitors can indulge in sweet treats just like in Universal Studios theme parks.

It is clear that no details were spared during this build, and even the most mundane items have something to do with the movies.


A dusky desert island isn't a common sight in animal crossing, but Sage perfectly captures the Route 66 western look. Water isn't the main feature on this island, making it even more special and realistic, as all the water features look purposeful.

This is another island that spares no details and uses every item, big or small, to make each house look unique to the residents they have on the island. Even though flowers are not bountiful on the island, it still feels lush.

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This dream island isn't for people looking to explore a lush, detailed island with lots of things to look at and get inspired by. This island is strictly for players who want a challenge. The island is wholly made of terraforming elements which may seem boring to look at but is unique to maze islands which have become famous for those who don't want to build towns but want visitors.

Gamers who enjoy side quests will love this dream island and may even win a new villager if they complete the challenge.

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