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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Fan Favorite Disney Heroes

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Fan Favorite Disney Heroes Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:29 AM

Disney Heroes are brave, kind, and compassionate, and these memes perfectly sum up the sterling qualities of these inspiring characters.

Disney Heroes, whether they're Disney Princes, talking animals, and know their way around a sword have been fearlessly leading Disney movies for decades, and fans have become incredibly attached to these brave characters. Championing the underdogs, setting an example for their communities, or finding their inner strength through a soul-searching quest, they inspire fans with their messages of courage and tolerance.

Once upon a time, they might have all looked like a mold of Prince Charming, but now they look like Lia Shang, Simba, and Captain Amelia. Some have become fan-favorites because they reflect certain values or uphold certain traits, which have been captured in these hilarious memes.


They Wonder Why People Randomly Sing In Disney Movies

Disney movies are known for their songs, and if there's one Disney Hero who finds it more than a little suspicious that everyone around him randomly bursts into a merry tune, it's Flynn Rider, expert thief, and buzzkill.

Though his initial reasons for befriending Rapunzel are less than honorable, he's a gentleman rogue that turns out to be a refreshing change from some of the slightly more self-righteous paragons.

They're Cheesy But Lovable

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There's been talk of a live-action version of Hercules for a few years, highlighting a Disney Hero who, while well known in ancient myth, can be overlooked in the pantheon of traditional champions. Herc is a little clumsy, a little boyish, and perfect for a meme as warm as a dinner roll.

Despite his stature and muscular physique, Herc doesn't feel lesser than for being vulnerable with Meg, a sassy young woman who's fully capable of saving herself, and they develop a romance based on witty reparté. He does his best to tackle matters of the heart just like a Hydra, though he probably finds them more challenging.

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They're Heroes And They're Princes

The cohort of Disney Princes expanded when Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment, thus opening up the discussion about how Earth's Mightiest Heroes might be classified. What makes up a Disney Prince are the same elements that compose a Disney Hero, all of which the Avengers and Co. have in spades.

One Marvel character in this meme, Loki, is already a member of a royal house in Asgard, which seems to make him a Disney Prince by default, even if he isn't the most compassionate, self-sacrificing, or honorable.

They Question Certain Stereotypes

It goes without saying that not all Disney Heroes are men, and who wouldn't call Queen Elsa a hero for speaking the truth and helping several of the Disney Princesses refrain from thinking their self-worth is tied to marrying a stranger?

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It's not surprising that Merida agrees with her, never having wanted to get married in the first place, and much more content to, like Elsa, be left to her own devices away from social expectations (and dresses).

They Sometimes Take Themselves Too Seriously

Buzz Lightyear has often been known to take himself a little too seriously, including never taking his uniform off. In his earlier years, he was far less neurotic, and his origin movie Lightyear highlights all the different ways that Buzz changed.

It's important for a character like Buzz to realize that a Disney Hero doesn't come knowing how to be one straight out of the toy box - they might have to observe, listen, and keep an open perspective when it comes to growth. Being a true hero sometimes means admitting you don't know everything.

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Their Positivity Is Infectious

Encanto was a huge hit for Disney, particularly because of the Disney Hero at its center - Mirabel! Though she didn't have any special powers like her many siblings, she had a certain gift for bringing people together and making them feel loved.

Without a magic power, Mirabel could have felt disenfranchised, left out, and rejected, but she chose to see the beauty all around her and in others. Eventually, though she sought nothing in return for her compassion, she was rewarded for keeping an optimistic outlook.

They Sometimes Exist To Subvert Tropes

The last few years have seen all sorts of new Disney Heroes emerge from a variety of unexpected places, and Raya and the Last Dragon was no exception. It took place in the magical world of Kumandra, where dragons gave their lives to protect humanity from monsters. When the monsters returned, one warrior sought the last dragon to keep them out for good.

The movie was inspired by Southeast Asian culture and its legends, and Raya emerged as a fun new Disney Hero to follow on her quest. Her story offered a way to subvert typical tropes and reveal a new way to be brave and devoted to family.

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They Know Sometimes The Bravest Thing Is To Be Yourself

Given her small size and fluffy white tail, it would be easy to overlook Officer Judy Hops, but that would be a big mistake. She demonstrates that it doesn't matter what size you are, but the size of your commitment to doing what's right.

Officer Hops doesn't try to be something she's not in order to keep a place on the Zootopia PD, and because she remains authentic to herself and to her friends, she becomes one of its most decorated officers.

They Trust Their Instincts

Disney Heroes don't make anyone feel bad for who they are, and the two heroes depicted in this meme, Mulan and General Li Shang are primary examples of that. Despite Mulan being considered a heroic Disney Princess, she spent the majority of time around Shang presenting as a male, and even when he found out her true gender, he respected her all the same.

Fans have speculated about Shang's sexuality based on his interest in Mulan since the moment she took her father's place in the Chinese Army, and while that might not be known, it makes perfect sense that Shang would fall in love with Mulan the person for her bravery, intelligence, and spirit.

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They Sometimes Defy Categorization

Mulan has been considered a Disney Princess despite not being of royal blood nor marrying anyone of noble birth, but there's no question about whether or not she's a Disney Hero. After protecting her family, keeping her friends alive, and saving China from Shan Yu, she's earned the right.

Not only is Mulan a fierce warrior, but she comes by all her abilities practically. She has little luck with feminine traditions or tea ceremonies and only asks for the chance to prove herself worthy of defending her family's honor. That sort of self-sacrifice, combined with her ferocity in battle, definitely makes her more than the sum of her magic hair.

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