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10 Hilarious Horror Comedies Like What We Do In The Shadows

10 Hilarious Horror Comedies Like What We Do In The Shadows Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 14:15 PM

Horror and comedy might seem like opposites, but shows and movies like What We Do in the Shadows prove that scares are just as effective as laughs.

What We Do in the Shadows recently released its highly anticipated fourth season and fans and critics alike are already thoroughly enjoying the newest misadventures of the Staten Island vampires. This series and the original 2014 movie shows that show that audiences clamor for the genre of comedy and horror.

Still, it's far from the first. There have been many horror comedies through the years, each with varying degrees of either genre. Just because the world's a scary place doesn't mean people can't laugh in its face, and that's why these horror comedies are considered classics.


Young Frankenstein

One of the earliest (and best) horror comedies ever made, Young Frankenstein was directed by Mel Brooks and starred Gene Wilder at both of their career peaks. The story follows Frederick, the grandson of the original mad scientist Frankenstein. Like his ancestor, he is similarly inclined to the "resurrecting the dead" business.

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Unfortunately, as usually happens with his clan, their creation goes rogue in a big way. Hijinks ensue, and what follows is one of Mel Brooks' funniest comedies. It was a parody of a genre beloved by audiences, but it never disrespected it. The film stayed true to the cheesy roots and genuine horror, amidst the laughs.

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Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a bizarrely funny take on the grindhouse classic of crazed rednecks terrorizing teens. Only this time, the roles are reversed. The rednecks are actually decent if clumsy, guys who are harassed by bigoted teens who assumed they were murderers. Thankfully, one of the teens has a good head on her shoulders.

Unfortunately, the other teens don't listen, and a series of accidents frame the poor duo as murderers. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is great at satirizing all the common tropes from redneck horror movies like Wrong Turn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It deftly criticizes that even the typical "good" guys are capable of bigotry and stereotyping based on nothing.

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Jennifer's Body

Fresh off the success of Transformers, Megan Fox stars in the role of the vengeful Jennifer. After she is sacrificed to Satan for a band's success, she is possessed by a demon and consumed by a ravenous hunger for flesh. The only person who can stop her is her best friend, Needy.

The movie was written by the people behind Juno, and that deadpan snark shines through the gory horror. The movie is a great analysis of how women are overly sexualized and objectified. It also shows the "toxic femininity" that women are forced into to be seen, a very relevant meta example considering Megan Fox's reputation at the time. Although it got low critic scores, fans adore Jennifer's Body for its take on the genre.

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Happy Death Day

One of the most unique horror comedies of recent years, Happy Death Day puts a horror spin on the classic Bill Murray comedy, Groundhog Day. Teresa, an aimless college student coasting through her semester, finds herself murdered by a baby-faced killer. Much to her shock, she wakes up at the start of the day, and it always ends with her inevitable death.

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The movie is so creative with its concept. The main character, much like Bill Murray, needs to "find their goal" by developing as human beings. Only this time, Teresa has the painful timer of a murderer going after her. The movie doesn't just copy the gimmick, but also the heart of its inspiration, making for a surprisingly emotional and funny slasher.

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Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a fun spin on the "The Most Dangerous Game" genre through its stylish flair and strong characters. The film follows the newlywed Grace, who is about to join the Le Domas family. She takes part in their time-honored tradition of playing a game to "seal the vows." Unfortunately for her, the game is "Hide and Seek", and now she must survive the night against a psychotic family of aristocrats.

Ready or Not shines with its simple premise and human characters. Each person is distinct and not completely lacking in sympathy. The ongoing doubt of whether or not they're actually cursed by a demon is a fascinating moral dilemma. It also has some strong themes about class throughout its suspenseful cat and mouse game. Everybody also gets a hilarious quip in, making for some great black comedy.

One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead is one of the most bizarre and underrated zombie comedies of the past decade. The story follows a crew of indie filmmakers who are filming a low-budget zombie movie. However, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a real zombie apocalypse, and things start to go more bizarre along the way.

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This movie is best watched without knowing anything except the premise. It goes to some truly unique and surprisingly emotional places, while still retaining that schlocky B-movie horror comedy that people love. It's a fantastic movie that lovingly pokes fun at low-budget productions, but never to the point of being mean.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is based on a television series of the same name from the '70s. Much like What We Do In The Shadows, the story follows the exploits of a supernatural "family" acclimating to modern life. Or in this case, life in the 70s. Barnabas Collins is a charming, old-fashioned vampire who seeks to bring his family back from the brink of financial collapse.

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Tim Burton is in his element with this movie. It's a gothic aesthetic all around, and the characters are so pale and mysterious, which is common with Burton's artistic style. The film is also more comedic than Burton's previous work, and many liked that it was a "return to form" for the director.

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Ghosts is a BBC comedy about a young couple, Alison and Mike, who become the inheritors of the haunted Button House. Plans to turn it into a hotel go sour when they find out that the "haunted" part wasn't just an urban legend. The ghosts, all from different eras, have been bickering for over a century. A near-death experience gives Alison the ability to see and hear the ghosts.

Together, she and the ghosts form a truce to keep the place from being taken from her, so that they all have a place to call home. The series has the classic British dry wit but also a genuine heart through the snark. Each ghost is given a time in the limelight, and how they deal with a world that continues to change around them, much like the vampires in What We Do In The Shadows.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Perhaps one of the movies closest in tone to What We Do In The Shadows,  the story is told in a mockumentary format and follows Leslie Vernon, a wannabe slasher icon. The crew follows his preparation to become a slasher and finds him to be a surprisingly charming host. However, as the hour of reckoning comes, the crew has to decide if they will let this man become the legendary murderer he wants to be.

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a love letter to slasher horrors, with all of its tropes and flaws. The movie manages to humanize the usually faceless killers of horror, but at the end of the day, shows they're still horrible murderers. Even then, it doesn't stop the movie from having a dry sense of wit about it all.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are arguably the kings of 80s B-movie horror, and Ash vs. Evil Dead takes that vibe to the modern day. Ashley Williams, now at the tail-end of middle age, has continued to live a careless, bachelor lifestyle. However, the Deadites return once again, and with newfound companions, Ashley works to stop the Deadite threat once and for all.

Ash vs. Evil Dead takes the series to some all-time highs with not only its lore but also its gore. Some episodes feature the most sickening moments on television, and fans are all for it. The newcomers are also great additions, giving Ash a great cast to bounce off of. It paved the way for more horror comedy series to find success.

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