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10 Hilarious Harry Potter & Marvel Mashup Memes

10 Hilarious Harry Potter & Marvel Mashup Memes Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 02:14 AM

Harry Potter's Wizarding World and the MCU collide in these hilarious fan memes straight from a magic-filled multiverse!

This year's MCU release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, further developed the concept of the multiverse that Marvel had been alluding to throughout its progression. With infinite possibilities out there, fans have come up with countless theories and hopes for franchise crossovers, however, one remains more popular than the others: Marvel x Harry Potter.

The sheer massiveness of both fandoms, combined with the great overlap between the two when it comes to things like themes and showcasing magic. Of course, the one way fans highlight the parallels between the series, along with hopes for a collab, is the internet's favorite means of communicating: memes.


10 Voldemort Got Blipped

Fans who have not read the books may be shocked to realize that when Harry kills Voldemort, the Dark Lord doesn’t just disintegrate into the air; rather, he dies from his rebounded Killing curse, and his shell-like corpse remains intact and lifeless on the ground - just like any mortal.

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While this change was likely done for a more dramatic finale, it is a coincidence that the events of 2018's Infinity War were so reminiscent of the Dark Lord’s demise. This hilarious meme shared by Redditor the_aaryaveer64 links the two, explaining that Voldemort’s death really just lined up with Thanos’ snap (7 years late) – conveniently blipping Tom Riddle away.

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9 Schools of Fighters

The Raid of Kamar-Taj is one of the best Multiverse of Madness scenes to rewatch, with Wanda defeating the entirety of the fortress in an impressive display of her powers. But for Harry Potter fans, the scene leading up to the quick fight bears many parallels to the Battle of Hogwarts, as shown in this meme posted by Reddit user CptnAmerica13.

The meme not only relates the fortifying of Kamar-Taj to Hogwarts but also points out the absurdity of having students fight a battle they were in many ways unprepared for. Not to mention their safe space being turned into a battleground against a vengeful magical being!

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8 Harry = Sorceror Supreme?

Spider-Man: No Way Home literally opened the portal for the MCU’s multiverse concept, brought to life in Multiverse of Madness. Given the infinite possibilities the multiverse brings, it’s not completely out there to have a universe where a Harry Potter and Marvel cross-over exists, such as the one proposed by this meme by Redditor JustProfiesta27.

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While Doctor Strange may be given high prestige in his world, whether or not he would be a match for the young and gifted Chosen One is something fans would love to see. Although this meme remains a pipe-dream for Potterheads and MCU fans alike, it’s entertaining to imagine what this battle of the wizards would entail.

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7 'Yer Actually a Sorceror, Harry

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s dynamic duo and best MCU friendship, Sam and Bucky, had a few strong opinions about what differentiates a wizard from a sorcerer. This mashup meme shared by Reddit user Not_a_selfieguy takes Sam’s distinction and hilariously applies it to Harry Potter via a popular Vision meme template.

Although Harry and the other students do technically wear hats in a few scenes, for the majority of the series they do not. So, by Sam’s impeccable logic, Harry Potter is actually not a wizard but instead a less-cool, hat-less sorcerer.

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6 The REAL Multiverse of Madness

Many famous series have their Golden Trio, and for Harry Potter that slot is undoubtedly filled by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Within the MCU, however, this title can be given to another troublesome trio that keeps bending the rules of reality and time with their magic: Wanda, Stephen, and Loki.

Just like the Hogwarts students, these magic-wielders have caused all kinds of trouble for the Multiverse while on their personal quests, a parallel hilariously showcased in this meme posted by Redditor Potential_Stay_4766. Plus, Wong definitely gives off the same caring but authoritative vibes as Minerva.

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5 The Cloak of Drax

One of Infinity War’s greatest quotes and most meme-able moments was Drax insisting he has mastered the ability to stand so still as to become invisible to the naked eye. An ability that would’ve been very beneficial to Harry, given all the sleuthing and hiding he had to do.

However, Harry had his invisibility cloak, which has been altered in the meme shared by Reddit user NoCounter7443 to incorporate the Drax meme. With Drax’s impressive invisibility skills, Harry will never be detected by anyone, whether it be Death Eaters or Gamora and Quill (Star-Lord, not professor) sharing an intimate moment.

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4 Professor Strange

Readers of the Harry Potter series will know that Dumbledore essentially canonizes the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors' curse, telling Harry they haven’t been able to retain any professor since he denied Voldemort the position many years ago.

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This mashup meme shared by a Reddit user alludes to the curse, positing Stephen as the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Not only does the meme recognize Strange’s impressive grasp of magic and wizardry, but it also highlights the usual Harry-Ron dynamic when it comes to famous magical people.

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3 'Yer A Witch, Wanda

While Wanda’s powers were attributed to the Mind Stone in Age of Ultron, WandaVision offered some more insight into who Wanda really is: the Scarlet Witch. Although she denies her ability to produce and control her chaos magic, Wanda ultimately embraces her powers by the time she appears in Multiverse of Madness.

The scene of her being declared a witch by Agatha draws a lot of similarities to another famous magic reveal: Hagrid telling Harry he’s a wizard, as portrayed in this meme shared by Redditor Sar01234. Given all the worst things that have happened to Wanda, she'd be the perfect, worthy Marvel counterpart to Harry's trauma, as well as his magical skill.

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2 Tom Marvolo Parker

A large part of Voldemort’s brand is his nose, or rather, lack thereof. While there are plenty of other wild details about Voldemort's body, the Harry Potter fandom has made countless memes specifically about his nose-less appearance, but this mashup meme shared by Reddit user House_of_Spells takes the cake.

Not only does it bring up a vaguely possible – albeit completely out-there – theory, but it also accurately criticizes the lack of functionality when it comes to superhero masks. While they await redesign, fans of both universes can find solace that the friendly neighborhood Dark Lord is still flying about somewhere.

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1 Harry Potter or MCU Clip?

There are many overlapping elements present between the Wizarding World and the MCU. From themes of grief and loss to magical creatures and a big bad guy bent upon mass genocide, the common denominators are what makes so many Potterheads Marvel fans and vice versa.

The two universes also look similar in terms of cinematography, as showcased in this meme posted by Redditor marcusbrian009. This still from Multiverse of Madness could easily be mistaken for a shot from the Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts series, all of which feature terrifying dark creatures that could be wrongly identified by non-fans of both franchises.

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