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10 Early Reddit Predictions For Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

10 Early Reddit Predictions For Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 04:14 AM

The next Avengers movie may be a few years off, but Redditors have already been sharing their predictions for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been wondering what the Avengers will look like after many of the core members have either died or stepped down from heroics, and it appears that they'll finally have their answer with 2025's upcoming team-up film Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Johnathan Majors was confirmed to be playing the famous Marvel villain in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Loki's first season ended with one of Kang's nicer variants making an appearance, but the hard confirmation that Kang will headline the fifth Avengers move has fans on Reddit and elsewhere already dropping their boldest predictions.


10 The Kang Dynasty Will Have Amazing Fight Choreography

Marvel movies are known for their fight scenes, but the way combat is filmed and presented varies wildly from property to properly. While movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier had Jason Bourne-esque hand-to-hand combat that was largely grounded in reality, Thor: Love and Thunder featured comical, over-the-top theatrics.

The recent announcement that Shang Chi director Destin Daniel Crettin will be in charge of the fifth Avengers movie has indicated that an emphasis will likely be placed on well-shot and smooth close-quarters combat. Scenes like the bus fight in Shang Chi have viewers like Emilia67 excited at the prospect that "The fight scenes in this movie are gonna be fun."

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9 The Kang Dynasty Will Nail Captain Marve's Personality

While few can deny the talent of Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson, some fans haven't enjoyed the overly-stoic personality that the script gave her in her solo film and Avengers: Endgame. Fortunately, many fans think that director Destin Daniel Crettin will make sure Larson's natural charisma shines through in the role.

Redditor Alexander1707 makes a connection to a previous pairing of the two, saying, "His work with Brie Larson in Just Mercy shows that he'll be able to bring out the best from her..." Larson was at her most likable in Just Mercy, and fans are ready to see the more personable side of Captain Marvel teased at the end of Shang Chi and Ms. Marvel

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8 Multiple Super Teams Will Fight Multiple Kangs

As He Who Remains explains at the end of Loki, the scariest thing about Kang is that there isn't only one of him. With the power to travel through time and different dimensions, focusing one fight on one bad guy just isn't possible. Time travel complications were teased in Endgame when a vengeful Thanos from the past travelled to the future, but Kang is sure to take this up quite a few notches.

Redditor goodmobileyes posits, "Wouldnt it be crazy if there's like 3 concurrent teams fighting 3 Kangs at once and they didnt evem know it?" With phase four movies seemingly disconnected in space and tone, having different street, global, cosmic, and multiversal teams concurrently fighting different Kangs could be a great way to get everyone involved.

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7 The Avengers Team Will Mix Old And New Heroes

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame collectively acted as a bookend for several long-time MCU heroes like Iron Man and Black Widow that definitely ended their journey with a heroic sacrifice. Others, like Captain America, Hawkeye, and Hulk have successors ready or around who can take their mantle in future movies.

omarafx suggests that instead of either newer or older heroes exclusively taking the spotlight, the movie will be comprised of a "remaining Avengers" team with Spider-Man, Strange, Ant-Man, and more, and a "newcomers" team including Shang Chi, Ms. Marvel, and others introduced after Endgame.

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6 Kang Will Kill A Popular Avenger

The last two Avengers movies killed off two original team members and retired a third, but a common criticism throughout the four current phases of the MCU is that the heroes seem to have too much plot armor. By the time the end of phase 6 rolls around, many fans are expecting Kang to prove his strength by killing a fan-favorite character.

phenom agrees, saying, "The Kang character is gonna have to kill someone to be seen as a true threat." They suggest that Ant-Man may be on the chopping block given that Kang will play a role in Quantumania, but only time will tell who ends up falling to the Conqueror.

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5 Already-Established Objects Will Be "Kang Tech"

The only concrete Kang information in the MCU so far came at the end of Loki, but some fans believe that some objects that have appeared will be revealed to have connections to the conqueror. Specifically, there's evidence that Shang-Chi's ten rings and Ms. Marvel's bracelets may have ties to Kang.

notaperson96 points out that "Kang, during his Rama-Tut, hid future tech and devices until the time he will needed them." Kamala's bracelets send her through time, which was something invented for the Disney+ series. Furthermore, Wong, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner all agree that the ten rings seem to radiate an energy that none of them have seen before, perhaps indicating that they're from another dimension.

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4 Kang Dynasty Will End With An Alt-History Reboot Cliffhanger

Marvel's Infinity War shocked viewers with the fact that it ended with a victory for the antagonist. Even comics readers who knew about the snap were surprised that Marvel Studios went through with something so bleak, and some people expect something similar with The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

Kang is scary because there are infinite copies of him floating through time and the multiverse, and Redditor theiceman2288 thinks that a victory fakeout could be a great cliffhanger, with fans treated to famous MCU scenes "reshaped in Kang the Conqueror's image."

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3 Kang May Not Be As Built Up As Thanos

Thanos wasn't revealed at the beginning of Phase 1, but he did have several smaller appearances before his central roles in Infinity War and Endgame. Some fans are worried that Kang won't have the same opportunity to be built up before his movie.

Drezza shares worry, claiming, "unannounced Phase 6 movies are gonna have to do some serious lifting here..." While Kang will be in Quantumania, few of the other projects seem to make sense for the conqueror of time. Of course, even though The Kang Dynasty is only a few years away, there's more Marvel content coming out per year than every, so there is still plenty of time to establish a big bad.

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2 Doom Will Help The Avengers Defeat Kang

Several signs point to Victor von Doom coming to the MCU sooner than later. He's obviously most closely tied to the Fantastic Four, who will kick off phase six, but he's also the central ruler in the Secret Wars comic event.

However, one thing that makes Doom compelling is that he isn't purely evil. He's more than willing to work with either heroes or villains depending on who aligns with his present goals, so he could very well start out as an ally in the fight against Kang. However, fans like LilShaggey expect dealing with the Latverian ruler to "probably result in a betrayal once Kang is defeated as is true Doom fashion."

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1 Kang Will Be Much More Dangerous Than Thanos

It's difficult to imagine a villain more dangerous than Thanos, who could reshape reality and the universe at will with the help of the Infinity Stone, but few fans are worried about Kang seeming weak in comparison. The Avengers had to defeat two versions of the Mad Titan, but there are an infinite number of Kangs who can appear any time, anywhere.

AvatarBoomi has a fairly colorful idea to introduce Kang, suggesting "Having Kang just Merc a Thanos to show he’s a serious threat. It’d be cool." There's precedence in the comics, too. When confronted by Thanos, Kang simply aged him until there was nothing left but bones. Given that Kang exists across the multiverse, fans could see him defeating just about anyone.

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