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10 Books For Fans Who Miss The Vampire Diaries

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  • Posted on 08th Aug, 2022 14:14 PM

These books are perfect for fans who miss watching The Vampire Diaries every week and need a good vampire story to keep their thirst quenched.

Despite the finale airing half a decade ago, and with the spin-off Legacies recently coming to an end, fans of The Vampire Diaries still love revisiting Mystic Falls and seeing their favorite characters. But for fans who don't want to invest in another rewatch but still miss the series, some books give the same vibe as The Vampire Diaries.

Since the show's success, countless series have been written about vampires and their love lives, as well as all the drama that comes with being an immortal supernatural creature. Not all vampire books are created equal, but some stories capture everything that made The Vampire Diaries diehards fall in love with the show in the first place.


Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy was released at the height of the vampire phenomenon, making it the perfect series for viewers of The Vampire Diaries. The series is about what it would be like if all the TVD characters went to a school just for vampires but also had to co-exist with their enemies.

Vampire Academy emphasizes the different kinds of vampires and why they are dangerous, another big part of TVD that fans of the show have enjoyed over the years. Despite taking place in an academy and being written for high school-age readers, the series can be enjoyed by adults as long as they love all things supernatural.

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The Afterlife Of The Party - Marlene Perez

Netflix has shown some of the best supernatural teen shows and movies of all time and is about to release the film adaptation of The Afterlife of the Party. While the movie doesn't take a vampiric approach to the story, the book is about vampires. The main character learns how to live with her now supernatural nature, much like Elena has to, but also what it takes to be a hero and not an evil vampire.

The book also emphasizes friends and family and protecting them from the evil supernatural creatures of the world, another similarity to TVD. The Afterlife of the Party starts a three-book series so fans can sink their teeth into all the vampire drama they can handle.

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The Beautiful - Renée Ahdieh

The Vampire Diaries depicts many historical eras throughout the show, making the show more dynamic and exciting for viewers. Fans who enjoy flashbacks to past periods will enjoy The Beautiful series by Renée Ahdieh, which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1800s. The book takes on a mysterious and dark mood and follows a story that could've been a part of TVD if it was set in the same universe.

Even though vampires are not the focus of the first book, the atmosphere is built similarly to The Vampire Diaries. In these historical episodes, fans get a more profound sense of why things are how they are now and apply that knowledge to the story moving forward. Plus, the New Orleans setting is excellent for fans of The Originals.

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The Haunted - Jessica Verday

The Haunted starts a supernatural series that follows Abbey as she meets ghosts and realizes she has a special gift that can put her in danger. This series is for the younger viewers of The Vampire Diaries as it is geared toward young adults more than mature readers, however, the drama and intrigue can be enjoyed by all ages.

While the series doesn't include vampires, it still provides a chilling sense of mystery and has a love triangle like The Vampire Diaries. The Haunted starts the trilogy, so fans who love investing time into their favorite shows will love exploring Abbey's world and getting to know the characters deeply.

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Vampires, Hearts, And Other Dead Things - Margie Fuston

Vampires, Hearts, and Other Dead Things is perfect for fans of TVD because a fan wrote it. The book includes Easter eggs from the television series and shares a setting of New Orleans with the series and the show's spin-offs.

The book takes an emotional approach to the classic teen vampire story, which will be a hit with readers who love a good cry with their supernatural stories. What's more, the story has a stronger father-daughter dynamic than The Vampire Diaries but doesn't take away from the vampire elements.

The Southern Book Club's Guide To Slaying Vampires - Grady Hendrix

The Vampire Diaries pushed the limit of how much gore could be shown on primetime television, and fans loved it, making the show a great horror series. Fans who loved the bloodier parts of the show will enjoy The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires.

The author of the book Grady Hendrix is known for his extra gory writing style, and this book defiantly sticks to his signature style. Even though the book focuses on slaying vampires rather than being one and protecting their identity, plenty of elements stick to the classic vampire stories.

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Crave - Tracy Wolff

The Crave series is one of the most famous vampire books in recent years and has been compared to Twilight and TVD with its levels of romance and drama. The series takes all the things a vampire fan can love with elements of dark academia, love, and of course, a grand villain that needs to be defeated.

The series already extends to six books, giving fans who dedicated themselves to all the series and seasons of The Vampire Diaries and spin-offs another chance to fully immerse themselves in a vampire lead world, unlike their own lives.

A Shadow In The Ember - Jennifer L. Armentrout

A Shadow In The Ember is the start of a complex fantasy universe that houses not one but two series full of vampires, werewolves, and hybrid creatures. A Shadow in the Ember is heavy on the romance but creates a universe that focuses on the hierarchy between supernatural creatures and the rivalries between the different species.

These elements are well loved in The Vampire Diaries and will entice fans to the series. The vampire elements are more stylized in the book, but fans will still find features they enjoy.

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The All Souls Trilogy - Deborah Harkness

For the fans of The Vampire Diaries who love the other supernatural beings just as much as the vampires, there is The All Souls Trilogy. The trilogy is not only dramatic but gives the same dark and spooky vibes that accompany many of the episodes of TVD.

The divide between species of supernatural creatures is a highlight of the series, a common trope enjoyed by fans of all supernatural-based movies, shows, and books. The book series also includes a forbidden romance that will delight readers who love the push and pull between Elena, Damon, and Stefan.

Twilight - Stephanie Meyer

There is no denying some similarities between The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, making Twilight one of the best books for fans of The Vampire Diaries show. Twilight has all the drama any reader could ask for, but of course, vampires are the central part of the story.

The mix of drama, action and romance are all elements that fans of The Vampire Diaries look for and help spark the vampire phenomenon that led to the show's production. There has been debate over which series is better, but readers and fans should read the books to decide which vampiric family is truly the best.

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