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10 Actors Who Play The Same Character In Every Show

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  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 14:14 PM

Viewers can't help but notice that these actors play the same role in every show. Even though they have potential, their typecast is evident.

Melissa McCarthy always plays the comedic relief character, known for her over-the-top humor, and her newest show, God's Favorite Idiot, is no different. Yet McCarthy isn't the only one who seems to play the same character every time, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Actors can strive to play a range of roles, but sometimes, an actor can end up typecast, chosen only to play the same role over and over again, no matter the project. But when Hollywood decides they're good at something it sticks.

Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He's been in a fair share of shows, making a name for himself on Parks and Recreation. Later in his career, Schwartz played Clyde in House of Lies, followed by F. Tony Scarapiducci in Space Force.


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Schwartz is often typecast as the self-assured know-it-all who likes to have a good laugh. His comedian experience just helps him nail down that awkward yet cocky personality that his characters need.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has been a Hollywood star since the '80s, and while his career has slowed down in recent years, he's still well-known. For his main role in Two and a Half Men, Charlie played Charlie, a bachelor with commitment issues. In Anger Management he played Charlie, a bachelor with commitment issues. And a huge surprise, in Spin City he played Charlie, a bachelor with commitment issues.

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It seems that Charlie Sheen has a clear role in TV and it hasn't gone unnoticed. No matter the show, whether he's a therapist or a wealthy brother, he has the same personality. His charisma in real life seeps well into his characters, and his calm and relaxed demeanor matches that of the "cool guy" persona on screen.

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder is a four-time Emmy nominated actress. Her most known roles are within, The Shield, NCIS: New Orleans, Warehouse 13and The X-Files.

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She's been in both film and TV within a range of genres, but on the small screen, she tends to play the same character, which is the stern authority figure who tends to have a softer and more vulnerable side. It may be due to her strength and confidence in real life that shines on TV, but she has a strong hold on the great boss roles.

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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is an English comedian and later turned writer, director, and actor. His career in comedy has led him to enter the film and television industry with his dry, dark humor. He often plays or writes himself characters that are full of sarcasm, matching his stand-up performance.

He's famously written the UK version of The Office playing David Brent, a pessimistic boss full of sarcasm. Even with two decades passing since then, Ricky Gervais' work continues to show similar roles. His most recent show, Afterlifeis full of dark British humor that isn't lacking any sarcasm.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts started acting at a young age in many kids' shows and films. But it wasn't until she made her mark as an adult that she began to be typecast as the mean girl. With the mean girl act marked down, she's perfected the role in all her recent works.

Her most famous mean girl role came from Scream Queens, where she plays the leader and Chanel #1. That solidified her look as the "head mean girl" and since has been cast in similar roles. In American Horror Story, Emma Roberts still finds herself playing the nasty characters in each season she's in. It may be her perfected mean face, and death glares that make her ideal for the role or the snarky delivery of insults, but she's nailed the act.

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Alan Dale

Alan Dale made his breakthrough role as Jim Robinson in the Australian show NeighboursBut afterward, he wanted to go in a different direction for his acting career, unfortunately leading to him being typecast as a wealthy man with a sketchy agenda.

Described as the "go-to powerful guy", Alan Dale found himself as a businessman in The O.C. who meets his end by a heart attack, a businessman in Ugly Betty who meets his end by a heart attack, and a wealthy industrialist in Lost whose heart survived but gunshot wound stopped his tracks. Now playing the butler in Dynasty, he is still snobby like before, just with less wealth. Dale may not be the same in real life, but he has the look and the ability to switch it on whenever needed.

Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge has been in the film and television industry for a while, and yet she finds herself playing the same role, which is the outgoing and confident woman. Whether it be in 2 Broke GirlsFriends, or Glee, Coolidge plays a similar role in all of those.

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The reasons behind said typecast could be many, but when she plays the role so well and has nailed it down it makes sense. Her personal charm is alluring, making her the perfect candidate for the social butterfly role. Coolidge definitely doesn't lack the confidence to pull off any of these roles, and she always makes sure to have fun with them.

Brenda Song

Brenda Song has been in the business since she was a child, starring in small roles on Disney until she finally landed a lead role in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Since then she has been playing similar versions of the same character, which is very feminine and confident.

Whether it be in her Disney days playing in Suite Life or Phineas and Ferb, she's continued playing this role into her adulthood, with roles such as New Girl, Station 19, and her most recent project, Dollface. Brenda Song has a likeableness to her that portrays well on the screen, and her spin on the one-dimensional "girly girl" has provided a nice change. Her assertiveness and confidence give all her roles more depth.

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Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan has made big steps in his career recently, making his name known in the TV industry. With his loveable personality and goofy act, he has landed himself the perfect typecast, which is the easy-going, larger-than-life character.

In one of Sheehan's first major roles, he played outgoing and fun-loving juvenile defendant, Nathan Young in Misfits. Now he's cast as Klaus, a socialite, and carefree superhero, it fits him so well. The Umbrella Academy star has set his name as the fun, charming one and it works mostly because he's so relaxed and loving in real life, and the charisma transfers easily on the screen.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, producer, and comedian. With over 20 years in the film and TV industry, McCarthy has made a name for herself as the comedic relief character. She is often the bubbly, clumsy, comedic character that likes to use physical comedy as her main humor.

In TV shows as early as Gilmore Girls, and in Mike and Molly, she plays characters of bubbly yet clumsy persona, sometimes with over-the-top physical comedy. And in her most recent work, McCarthy plays Amily Luck in God's Favorite Idiot, tapping into that same persona. McCarthy finds it so easy because it's so close to the comedic personality that she's had for years. She's perfected her act and she transfers it onto the screen.

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